West Music has a fantastic selection of choral sheet music and choir instructional books for singers of all ages. Our comprehensive collection of singing resources includes didactic guides for budding instructors, teaching tips, conducting techniques and invaluable choral exercises. You can expect harmonizing, breathing exercises, scales, and loads more! We've also included several choral books and instructional aids focused solely on vocal warm-ups. With these helpful classroom additions, you'll be able to train your students' voices and help them grow into the best singers they can be! Most choral sheet music and choir instruction resources also include a handy CD.

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How to Sight Sing
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FULL VOICE: Introductory Level
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Basic Training for Bells
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Inside the Elementary School Chorus
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    Sheet music for singing is crucial for developing new skills, practicing techniques learned in the classroom, and performing in front of an audience. Choral sheet music, in particular, designates a specific voice or range (alto or soprano, for example, or low or high female singing voice). It can include solo pieces from Italian arias to Jazz standards and Broadway hits, collections of sight reading lessons, warm-up exercises, and music for voice and hand bells. For practicing techniques, there are sight-singing books, in addition to exercises that teach pitch relationships, and develop rhythmic independence. There are even books of tongue twisters designed to improve diction and enunciation.

    Choral sheet music is available for a wide range of genres including holiday music, hymns and spirituals, kids tunes, and, of course, classical pieces from renowned composers like Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Schumann. Some include piano accompaniment and others may include a CD for singing along or for quick demonstrations. Music instructors will find the perfect piece for their ensemble to perform while shopping at West Music.