West Music's choral sheet music and song books are prized by instructors for their pedagogical layouts, while equally loved by students for their beautiful and fun song selections. Offerings range from collections of multicultural tunes (African, Swedish, Italian and more!) to help expand young minds. Moreover, our youth choir song book sets include traditional Christmas holiday music for caroling and groovy 70's songs (Donna Summer, Bee Gees, and Village People) that parents will love watching their little ones sing. Many of these student choral song books include full arrangements to make it easier on instructors and are designed for children with little to no experience singing in groups. Browse through to find the perfect youth choir music sheet music for your classroom today!

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Broadway Partners!
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Gold Series I
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Crooked River Choral Project, Vol. 5: The Erie Canal
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Fifty-Five Anthems for the Small Church Choir
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    There is no better way to pique a child's interest in music and keep the joy of performing going than by expanding their repertoire through new sheet music. This is true regardless if a student is playing an instrument or performing as part of a choir. Choral music collections, including sheet music and songbooks, are a great way to introduce a variety of new tunes to any ensemble.

    Student choral songbooks will also teach children about a wide range of genres and styles. From Broadway tunes to holiday classics, these books expand students' horizons. Choral collections designed for this purpose often include full arrangements to accommodate large choir groups, in school, churches, and beyond! Much of these choral collections cater to children with little to no experience singing in groups. That makes these books particularly ideal for teachers leading young kids from pre-school through elementary school. Find the next collection of choral performances for the school year at West Music!