Looking to add more song choices to singing class? Check out West Music’s selection of quality choral octavos for young and accomplished vocalists alike. We have assembled a large collection of standard youth, church and Christian choir music options, as well as holiday-specific pieces, perfect for infusing your performances with festive spirit. On the other hand, we’ve also included pop choir music and beloved movie songs—which your students will absolutely enjoy! To give you a variety of options, we’ve included traditional choral octavos and sheet music for choir students, as well as ShowTrax Choir CDs, which can be used when piano accompaniment is not available.

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Battle Hymn Of The Republic (SATB)
Item No. SPC29190 In Stock
Steffe, William Ward Howe, Julia Wilhousky, Peter
Will the Circle Be Unbroken (TTBB)
Item No. SPC48788 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Moore, J. David
Sisi ni moja (SATB) (NEICDA 7/8 2023 Choir B)
Item No. SPC40651 In Stock
Narverud, Jacob
Fergus an' Molly (from Celtic Songs) (TTBB)
Item No. SPC33966 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Singh, Vijay
Come Travel with Me (SAB) (NEICDA 7/8 2023 Choir B)
Item No. SPC45640 In Stock
Farthing, Scott
Storm (SAB) (NEICDA 7/8 2023 Choir A)
Item No. 876488 In Stock
DesJardins, James
A Winter Breviary (SATB)
Item No. 877171 In Stock
Esmail, Reena
$3.95 $2.95
Truth (SSA)
Item No. 870801 In Stock
Ramsey, Andrea
$2.50 $2.00


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    Choral sheet music, or choral octavos, is an ideal for adding more song choices to any singing class, youth choir, or church choral group. From famous film melodies to festive holiday pieces, new music can refresh and add excitement to rehearsals and, ultimately, to performances.

    Some traditional choral octavos may include the piano accompaniment, which is handy when a piano is available to provide that extra musical support for the melody. Others octavos may include a CD to utilize and follow along with when a piano accompaniment is not available.

    Unlike choral books, octavos are an inexpensive option when sheet music for only one song is necessary. Octavos are available for purchase to accommodate all of the voices (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) and full scores when available. There is also sheet music for one or two parts when an entire ensemble is not required. Find choral octavos at West Music today!

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