You'll have your students sounding angelic when you introduce them to any of these choral music resources. Whether it's time to practice a new piece or vocal techniques like sight singing, West Music's collection of materials has what you need to develop your choir's sound. From hymns to standards, carols and everything in between, we're here to provide you with the right book, CD, DVD or chart. These references are sure to keep your students' voices at performance level day in and day out.

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Educating Young Singers
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Goetze, Mary Broeker, Angela Boshkoff, Ruth Broeker, Angela Boshkoff, Ruth
Inside the Elementary School Chorus
Item No. 834241 In Stock
Bourne, Patricia
Sing at First Sight, Level 1
Item No. 802683 In Stock
Beck, Andy Lewis, Brian Surmani, Karen Farnum
Lifeline For Children's Choir Directors
Item No. 802652 In Stock
Bartle, Jean Ashworth
Solfege and Sonority
Item No. 849420 In Stock
Xiques, David J.
Alfred's IPA Made Easy
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Wentlent, Anna
Voices in Harmony
Item No. 862144 In Stock
Lana, Robyn
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How to Learn the Alexander Technique
Item No. 821047 In Stock
Conable, Barbara Conable, William
Sing 6-7-8!
Item No. 831094 In Stock
Emerson, Roger

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