Working on vocal development with one of our guided manuals will make voice lessons not only more efficient, but also more fun! Our selection includes vocal pedagogy books for kids of all ages to help draw the most of practice time, whether one-on-one or with an entire choir of budding voices. Dive into any of these trusty musical resources and learn a ton of new warm-ups, breathing exercises, posture tips, and more. What’s more, these insightful vocal pedagogy books and resources ensure your students get the most out of class time through highlighting pivotal voice elements like pitch, articulation, and intonation. Provide your students with acclaimed, well-rounded instruction when you use these hand selected kids’ vocal books from West Music!

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Singing Tongue Twisters A-Z
Item No. 825716 In Stock
Kane, Brian
Choir Builders: Fundamental Vocal Techniques
Item No. 827530 In Stock
Dilworth, Rollo
Warming Up with Rounds
Item No. 842468 In Stock
Delanoy, Catherine
Vocal Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises for Kids!
Item No. 867784 In Stock
Loney, Nikki
Choir Builders for Growing Voices
Item No. 836682 In Stock
Crocker, Emily Dilworth, Rollo Dilworth, Rollo
The Choral Warm-Up Collection
Item No. 800490 In Stock
Albrecht, Sally Albrecht, Sally K.
Smart Vocal Warm-Ups
Item No. 846565 In Stock
Heisler, Kerry

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