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The Hal Leonard Guitar Superbook - Book and Audio Access

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By Will Schmid. A complete resource for private or class guitar instruction. Five complete best-selling books in one: Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1, Easy Pop Melodies, Chord Strummer, Easy Chord Trax, and Rock Trax 1, plus audio access! TheHal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 gives instruction from
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By Will Schmid. A complete resource for private or class guitar instruction. Five complete best-selling books in one: Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1, Easy Pop Melodies, Chord Strummer, Easy Chord Trax, and Rock Trax 1, plus audio access! TheHal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 gives instruction from the very beginning. Learn the parts of the guitar, how to tune and hold the guitar, and practice exercises and songs to learn each new concept. The included audio access has 41 play-along tracks to helpyou practice. The Easy Pop Melodies section supplements the material from the Hal Leonard Guitar Method 1 section of the book, with songs arranged in the same order that the notes are introduced in Hal Leonard Guitar Method 1. Chords are shown ingray above the melody, for the teacher or for more advanced students to play. The corresponding audio access has 30 play-along tracks, with a measure of clicks given to set the tempo before each piece starts. Faster songs are first played at a slower speedand then again faster so that the notes can be learned more easily. The Chord Strummer section introduces new chords and teaches how to combine guitar accompaniments with melodies supplied by singing, humming, whistling, or another person playing.Easy Chord Trax is a pop/ rock chord supplement which lets you strum chords along with the audio access (or along with your own singing). Songs are arranged in the same order that chords are introduced in the Hal Leonard Guitar Method; the songs are moreadvanced, so that this supplement may be used after the Easy Pop Melodies section. Rock Trax 1 teaches beginners how to improvise rock, progressing from an easy level to a 12-bar blues to rock leads and power chords. The audio access also demonstrates each of the Solo Licks and new techniques described in the book.174 pages.Contents: How to Use the Superbook.Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 contents: Foreword, Your Guitar, Tuning, Playing Position, Musical Symbols, Notes on the 1st String, Notes on the 2nd String (Ode to Joy, Round), Notes on the 3rd String(Yankee Doodle, The Bells [duet], Au Clair de la Lune [duet], Aura Lee, He's a Jolly Good Fellow), 3-String Chords - C/ G/ G7, Guitar Solos (Marianne, Down in the Valley), Notes on the 4th String (The Riddle Song), The D7 Chord (12-Bar Blues Rock,Worried Man Blues, Amazing Grace, When the Saints Go Marching In, The Gypsy Guitar), Notes on the 5th String (Blue Bass, The Volga Boatman, Greensleeves), Notes on the 6th String (Johnny Has Gone For a Soldier, Bass Rock), Half & Whole Steps, F#(Londonderry Air), Key Signatures (Shenandoah [duet]), Rests (Rock 'n' Rest. Jack Stuart), The Full C/ G/ & G7 Chords (Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Corinna, Irish Tune), The Bass Note/ Strum, Eighth Notes (Drunken Sailor, Frere Jacques, SailorsHornpipe, Boogie Bass, 3-Part Round), The E Minor Chord (Hey Ho Nobody Home, Shalom Chaverim, Molly Malone), More Advanced Strums (Simple Gifts), Bass-Melody Solos (Row Row Row Your Boat, Worried Man Blues, When the Saints Go Marching In), New Note- C# (Minuet in G [duet], Guitar Ensemble), Chord Chart.Easy Pop Melodies contents: Mull of Kintyre, When I Need You, Let It Be, House of the Rising Sun, Book of Love, Don't Be Cruel, All My Loving, Scarborough Fair, Love Me Tender, Bye Bye Love, Nowhere Man, Norwegian Wood, Every Breath You Take,Yellow Submarine, Your Song, At the Hop, Low Rider, Maggie May, Imagine, The Masterpiece.Chord Strummer contents: Foreword, How to Use This Book, Playing Chords, The C & G7 Chords (Rock-a-My Soul, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands), The G & D7 Chords (Tom Dooley, Down in the Valley, This Little Light of Mine, This Land isYour Land), Strum Variations (Hound Dog), The Capo, The E Minor Chord (Eleanor Rigby, Tell Ol' Bill, Where Have All the Flowers Gone), The Syncopated Strum (The Midnight Special), 2-Beat Strums (If I Had a Hammer), The D & A7 Chords (Tulsa Time,A Place in the Choir), The Bass Note/ After Strum (Goodnight Irene), The Em7 Chord (Circles), The A Minor Chord (16 Tons), The Am7 Chord (Fire & Rain), The D Minor Chord (Drunken Sailor), Finger Picking (The Worried Man Blues, Scarborough Fair),The A Chord (Yellow Submarine), The E Chord (Hey Jude, The Rainbow Connection), The B7 Chord (Ramblin' Round), The E7 Chord (Good Mornin' Blues), The F Chord (You Needed Me).Easy Chord Trax contents: Rock Around the Clock, Love Me Do, Peggy Sue, Bird Dog, Candle in the Wind, Long Tall Sally, Eleanor Rigby, Takin' Care of Business, Surfin' USA, Blue Suede Shoes, Africa Unite, Duke of Earl, Chord/ Strum Chart.Rock Trax 1 contents: How to Use Rock Trax Book & Audio Access, Rhythm Guitar E/ Em/ E Power Chord, Lead Guitar- E/ G/ B/ D, Solo Licks- Building Improvisations, Rhythm Guitar A/ Am/ A7/ A Power Chord, Lead Guitar- E Minor Pentatonic (Blues/ Rock),The Slide, Solo Licks- Improvising on the Em Pentatonic, Bending Notes, Major Scales & Major Chords (Half Step, Whole Step, Root, 3rd, 5th), Minor Scales & Minor Chords (Flats, Sharps, Naturals), Rhythm Guitar E7/ A7/ & B7 Bar Chords/B Power Chord, Lead Guitar & Solo Licks- 12-Bar Blues/ Rock in E, Rhythm Guitar A & D7 Bar Chords/ E7/ D Power Chord, Lead Guitar- A Minor Pentatonic, Solo Licks 12-Bar Blues/ Rock in A, The Complete Fretboard, Rhythm Guitar Am & G BarChords/ G/ G Power Chord, Lead Guitar- Major Pentatonic, The Hammer-on & Pull-off (slur), Solo Licks- Improvising from Chords Am & G, Rhythm Guitar G(add9)/ Em(add9), Lead Guitar- Relative Minors & Majors- Em & G, Solo Licks-Improvising from Chords Em & G, Rhythm Guitar D/ C/ D(add9)/ C(add9), Lead Guitar- C & D Major, Solo Licks- Improvising from C & D, Rhythm Guitar A/ G/ D, Lead Guitar- A Major, Solo Licks- Improvising from A/ G/ & D.


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