GAMEPLAN Grade One Curriculum Book

By Kriske, Jeff DeLelles, Randy
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There are lots of movement activities (locomotor and non-locomotor) in the lessons that your first graders will enjoy! - Kathy

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GAMEPLAN Curriculum Grade One an Active Music Curriculum for Children by Jeff Kriske and Randy DeLelles is the second volume in the GAMEPLAN curriculum. Each grade level in the GAMEPLAN series includes 35 weeks of lesson plans for the elementary music specialist. This curriculum is organized chronologically through the school year from September to May with four lessons per month each with approximately 60 minutes of activities. Grade One has over 200 activities. GAMEPLAN has organized musical objectives in a logical progression that is educationally sound and developmentally appropriate. GAMEPLAN presents the lessons in a concise format that is practical, easy-to-follow and user-friendly. Each grade level includes: lessons organized into a logical sequence; a yearly plan categorizing objectives in 5 conceptual areas; experiences in imitation, exploration, improvisation and visualization; holiday and seasonal activities incorporated into the teaching sequence; activities that spark creativity and higher-level thinking skills; a repertoire rich in folk literature, nursery rhymes and traditional singing games; four formal written assessments; a seating chart template, including space for assessment; illustration of all of the charts and visuals used in each lesson.

Rhythm Objectives: Demonstrate pulse (individual/group), identify pulse as Ta or I, differentiate between sound/silence, identify sound/silence as Ta/Rest, experience fast/slow, identify fast/slow, identify TiTi/Ta, and experience meter (2/4, 4/4 6/8).
Melody Objectives: Differentiate between high/low, experience up/down, develop a repertoire of songs (folk/seasonal/multicultural/patriotic), experience SM/SML melodies, identify SM/SML scale tones and hand signals and demonstrate contour.
Harmony Objectives: Develop a proper mallet technique, demonstrate simple bordun (chord) and experience ostinato.
Form Objectives: Experience same/different, identify phrase, identify introduction, identify repeat sign and identify same/different as AB (ABA).
Timbre Objectives: Identify unpitched percussion, differentiate between vocal qualities (speak/sing/whisper/shout), demonstrate dynamics (loud/quiet), classify unpitched percussion (wood/metal/skin), identify four levels of body percussion (snap/clap/pat/stamp) and classify pitched percussion (wood/metal).

Children's literature used in GAMEPLAN Grade 1: Drummer Hoff (item 835719) It's Not Easy Being a Bunny (item 836125) The Very Busy Spider (item 835394)
The children's books are available at a savings in a set, item 840246.

The Charts and Visuals that correlate with Grade 1 are item 550061. GAMEBOARD, item 550062, has classroom visuals that are a companion piece to the GAMEPLAN curriculum.

All the musical examples used in this curriculum are listed on page X (10) of the Preface. Individual tracks can be purchased as available on iTunes.
The following recordings, listed on page X (10), are available from West Music:
Rhythmically Moving Recordings: Vol 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8
Vol. 1 #850843
Vol. 3 #850845
Vol. 5 #850847
Vol. 6 #850848
Vol. 8 #850850
The complete 9-volume set #850842 is available at a savings.

**Statement from Randy DeLelles and Jeff Kriske - Co-Authors, GAMEPLAN: An Active Music Curriculum for Children**

"GAMEPLAN is a K-5 elementary music curriculum predominantly based on folk material. At the time of publication (2005-2011) we were unaware some of the content had a racist history, marginalized a specific culture, or had verses with derogatory terms or adult themes.
Understanding the hurtful nature of these songs, we are in the process of identifying alternative activities and will post them at when available. Until then, please use your judgement when considering which activities you choose to share with your students.
Below is a list of the songs and rhymes in question along with each concern.
If there are other songs or rhymes you believe need to be added to this list, please contact us at We welcome your input while we work through this process as we want to remedy what was an unintentional offense."

Grade One:
Acka Backa, p. 80 (Deragatory term)
Five Little Monkeys, p. 3 (Derogatory term)
Jim, Along Josie, p. 37 (Derogatory term)
Jump Jim Joe, p. 103 (Derogatory term)
Lucy Locket, p. 64 (Adult theme)
Yankee Doodle, p. 28 (Effeminate term)

Songs and Poems:
A - H: Acka Backa, A Kite, All About Success, All Around the Buttercup, All Around the Circle, Allison's Camel, America, Baker's Hat, Bell Horses, Big Black Cats, Bounce High Bounce Low, Bunnies on the Move, Candy Store, Celebrate the Presidents, Chase the Squirrel, Christmas Now is Over, Clap Clap Clap Your Hands, Criss-cross Applesauce, Do As I'm Doing, Drip Drop, Drummer Hoff, Eency Weency Spider, Engine Engine, Fang and Twang, Five Little Monkeys, The Gallant Ship, Go All Around the Village, Gobble Gobble Gobble, Hanukah is Here, Hello Everybody, Hickory Dickory Dock, Higglety Pigglety Pop, Hippity Hop, Hop Old Squirrel, Hunting for Instruments!
I - R: I Can Play the Wood Block, I Hope!, I Lost My Glove, I Think Music's Neat, It's Not Easy Being a Bunny, Jack and Jill, Jack-in-the-Box, Jim Along Josie, Jump Jim Joe, The Kangaroo, La Pinata, Legs and All, Little Jack Pumpkin Face, Little Red Caboose, Look at Me, Lucky Me!, Lucy Locket, March is Here Now, Melodrama, Mexican Counting Song, Miss Mary Mack, Monkey See and Monkey Do, The Muffin Man, Now's the Time, Oh What Fun!, The Old Gray Cats Are Sleeping, Oliver Twist, One Two Three, Otto Goes to the Beach, Pease Porridge Hot, Punchinella, Rain on the Green Grass
S - Z: Saw Saw Saw Away, She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain, Sing Me Your Name, Snowflakes, Somebody's Knocking at Your Door, The Squirrel, Stirring My Brew, Sugar Sugar, Teddy Bear, There's Music in a Hammer, Time for Toys, Tres Pajaritos, Two Little Apples, Valentine, The Very Busy Spider, Walk and Stop, Weekend Fun, Welcome Back to School, What Shall We Do When We All Go Out?, What Will You Be?, Willum, Yankee Doodle, Yuki Song

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  • standards-based, high quality music, fun-fun-fun!
    standards-based, high quality music, fun-fun-fun!