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Do It! Play Recorder, Book 1

By Froseth, James
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Do It! Play Recorder is a good recorder method for upper elementary and up. It has a wealth of material in many musical styles and teaches many notes. There are written variations on songs to play as well as opportunities to create your own variation. Aural transposition is also developed with instructions to play a song “by ear” starting on a different note.  -Kathy

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Get your students playing fun songs from various styles, decades, and world cultures quickly and easily with Do It! Play Recorder by James Froseth! This book is written in such a way that it can be enjoyed by students in grade 4 all the way through adult beginners. The frequently used theme and variation format allows students of differing abilities to play simultaneously, which keeps the whole class engaged.
Note Progression: B, A, G, high C, high D, F#, E, D, opt. high E, opt. high G, F, C.
Contents: Fingering Chart, Recorder Embouchure, Instrument and Hand Positions, Breathing and Breath Control, Imaginary Breath Control Experiment, Articulation, Starting the Tone, Music Signs and Symbols Dictionary.
First Tones - B, A, G: Hot Cross Buns (quarter notes), Notes, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Au Claire de la Lune, Down by the Station, Fais Do Do, Stepping and Skipping (theme with 2 variations), Hot Cross Buns (with eighth notes), Taking Turns Duet, Rocket Cruiser, More Notes, Eighth Notes Duet.
New Note High C: Cobbler Cobbler (and Variation), Juba (and Variation), Barcarolle, Polka (and Variation), Jacob Drink (and Variation), Shave and a Haircut, Waltz Theme (with 3 variations), Golya Golya Gilice, Champaigne Branle.
New Note High D: The Blues in D, Notes (solo or duet), Stepping and Skipping (solo or duet), Hush My Baby, Lady My (2-part round), Be-a-Round (4-part round), Lightly Row, Lightly Row - Quick Time, Norwegian Dance, Round Dance (4-part round), Shepherd's Hey (with 2 variations), Day Is Done (4-part round).
New Note F#: A Paris (solo or duet), Vesper Hymn (solo or duet), We Are Met (4-part round), Silent Silent (solo or duet), Bubble Gum Duet, French Cathedrals (3-part round), Some Folks Do (solo or duet), 2 Birds (4-part round), Rooster Round (5-part round).
New Note E: Rain Rain, Au Clair de la Lune, Fais Do Do, S'evivon Round (2-part round), Baa Baa Black Sheep (with separate harmony part), The Birch Tree, By the Fireside (for 1 to 4 players), Nonsense Song, Hatikvah.
New Note Low D: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (for 1 to 4 players), Aural Transposition page (gives a list of songs to play, starting on different notes and transposing by ear), Little Tom Tinker (4-part round; with 1 variation), Oats Peas Beans, Early Round, Challenge Round 1, Challenge Round 2, Little Bells of Westminster (4-part round with 2 variations), Tallis Canon (4-voice canon), Doctor Fell (4-part round), Patsy Ory-Ory-Aye, Sur le Pont d'Avignon (solo, duet, or up to 6 part ensemble), Singing Goose (4-part round), Santy Maloney (4-part round), Juba (for 1 to 3 players), Bouffons (solo or duet), Merry Branle, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, My Dame's Lame Tame Crane, Jacob Drink (for 1 to 5 players), The Frogs (4-part round with 1 variation), Oh How Lovely Is the Evening (3-part round), Cuckoo Song, Round Evening, Round Evening 2, Row Row Row Your Boat (4-part round with 1 variation), Up On the Housetop.
Optional Notes High E and High G: Mexican Hat Dance (for 1 to 3 players), Dance A-Round Once, Dance A-Round Twice, Dance A-Round Thrice, Jingle Bells (for 1 to 3 players), Amazing Grace, Aura Lee, Sleep Baby Sleep (for 1 to 3 players), The Hart He Loves the High Wood (4-part round), The Shining Moon (with 7 variations), Scotland's Burning- 2/4 Time (with 1 variation), Scotland's A-Burning- 6/8 Time (with 1 variation), Sing Noel (3-part round).
New Note F: Waltz (solo or duet), Thou Poor Bird (4-part round), Echen Confites, Intry Mintry.
New Note Low C: Song of the Donkey (mixolydian mode), Tide and Time (2-part round), Scarborough Fair (dorian mode), Do It- Improvise page (Cobbler Cobbler, Rain Rain and Blues in D each listed with different tones to improvise).
Author Froseth, James
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  • Nice resource
    I have been using this book for over 10 years in my summer school recorder class and it works well for the students.