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Item No. 867634 In Stock
Miller, Cristi Cary Ferguson, Jay Michael
Everyday Improvisation
Item No. 846973 In Stock
Eckroth-Riley, Joan
Everyday Composition
Item No. 867602 In Stock
Eckroth-Riley, Joan
Choir Builders for Growing Voices
Item No. 836682 In Stock
Crocker, Emily Dilworth, Rollo
Read & Sing Folksongs
Item No. 848865 In Stock
Crocker, Emily
Warm Ups & Work Outs for the Developing Choir, Vol. I
Item No. 803859 In Stock
Crocker, Emily
A Seasonal Kaleidoscope for Voice and Orff Instruments - Performance Score
Item No. 824479 In Stock
Coffey, Joyce Gagne, Danai Koulish, Laura
Voice Builders for Better Choirs: A Complete Resource for Choral Directors
Item No. 803861 In Stock
Crocker, Emily Day, Janet Rann, Linda
Zimma-Rimba, Book 1 A Beginning African Marimba Method (Book/CD)
Item No. 837579 In Stock
Phillips, Jeremy Whitaker, Mary Carla

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      Eilers, Joyce
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      Crocker, Emily
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      Eckroth-Riley, Joan
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      Ferguson, Jay Michael
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      Gagne, Danai
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      Kennedy, Steven A
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      Reyes, Adelaida
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      Whitaker, Mary Carla
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