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Recorder Express (Book)
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Mallet Madness
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Percussion Parade
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Woods, Metals, Shakers, Skins
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Item No. 848368 In Stock
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Recorder Express Interactive
Item No. 530581 In Stock

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      Dilworth, Rollo
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      Almeida, Artie
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      Jove, Toni
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      Solomon, Jim
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    Explore West Music's classroom supplies to make learning engaging, no matter the level, instrument, or age group you're working with. Shop our chord cards and books for music teachers for your visual learners. A wide range of posters are available, which chart instrument families, treble and clef notes on a scale, and hand sign ladders. Also included in our collection of resources for music teachers are fun and comfy rugs; used to help teach notations, they also provide a great spot to corral little learners for group lessons. Our music teaching tools also include flashca