Musicplay for Kindergarten Teacher Guide

By Gagné, Denise
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Musicplay for Kindergarten Teachaer's Guide By Denise Gagne;Teacher guide (binder) and 6 performance/ accompaniment CDs For grades preK-1 (esp. K).Musicplay for Kindergarten is a play based program, with more than 150 songs to teach musical concepts and to reinforce learning in all academic
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Musicplay for Kindergarten Teachaer's Guide By Denise Gagne;Teacher guide (binder) and 6 performance/ accompaniment CDs For grades preK-1 (esp. K).Musicplay for Kindergarten is a play based program, with more than 150 songs to teach musical concepts and to reinforce learning in all academic areas.Musical concepts are taught through traditional and composed action songs, singing games, singalong songs, chants, and activities. Includes songs for many different themes, such as names, colors, shapes, numbers, ABC's, fall, various holidays, pumpkins, peace, friends, families, dinosaurs, spring, multicultural music, safety & health, lineup songs, welcome songs, speaking & singing voice, loud & soft, high & low, keeping the beat, and more. Lesson plans, a year plan, a thematic index. a reproducible beat chart, and reproducible picture/ word cards are included. Each song lists the related CD track, teaching process, and suggested activities; boxes for each week list the concept to teach, theme featured, and other songs used (ones that are not for the featured concept). Most songs give the melody line and lyrics; some also have chord letters. This program is for both the Kindergarten classroom teacher and the music specialist with a real emphasis on integrating learning through music. The Alphabet Action Songs book (item 805019, available separately) can be incorporated into the program.Contents: About Musicplay, Acknowledgements, Kindergarten Music Curriculum, Kindergarten Year Plan, Thematic Song List, Curriculum Specific Songs & Topics, Monthly Lessons, Sample Lesson, Beat Chart, Picture/ Word Cards, Voice Care, Assessment, Welcome to School, Put Your Finger on Your Lip, Count & Go, Listen as I Play the Beat, Join Into the Game, You've Got to Sing, Open Shut Them (poem), This is My Speaking Voice, Cookie Jar, Follow Follow Me, A Smile Goes a Long Way,The Sitter Poem, March in D, Pussycat Pussycat (poem), 1-2-3 (poem), Hickety Tickety, Loud Voice Quiet Voice, Do You Want to Be My Friend, Order in the Court (poem), Walk to School, Andy Pandy, Dr. Knickerbocker, Gingerbread Man, The Gingerbread Man (story), Color Song, I Am a Pizza, Autumn Leaves, Shape Song, Hey Hey Look at Me, We Cook Turkey, Elegy (by Carl Reinecke), Study #2 (by Samuil Maikapar), I'm Glad I Have a Nose, London Bridge, Criss Cross Applesauce (poem), Autumn (poem), I Get a Happy Feeling, Jelly in the Bowl (poem), Stop Look & Listen, October Is Here, Hey Ho for Halloween (poem), Witch Witch Where Do You Fly (poem), Pumpkin Stew, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater (poem), Alphabet Action, Brush Your Teeth, Halloween Looby Loo, Costume Fun, Pumpkin Pumpkin, Grumpy Grizzly, Can't Wait to Hibernate, Tommy Thumb, 2 Little Dicky Birds (poem), Sambalele, Lady Bugs (poem), Kumbayah, Hunting Horns (by Daniel Gottlob Turk), Take My Little Car, Days of the Week, Slowly Slowly (poem), Old Navy, Rainbow World, Galloping Chant (poem), Old King Glory, Bear, Teddy Bear, Wheat in the Wind, Phoney Baloney, Barnacle Bill, ABC Blues, Put the Beat in Your Feet, Once I Caught a Fish Alive (poem), I'd Go Dancing, One LittleCandle, Germs, March of the Toys (by Victor Herbert), Here is the Chimney (poem), 5 Little Bells (poem), Curly Joe, S-A-N-T-A, Rock Around the Christmas Tree, Christmas is Here, Play the Bells to Celebrate, Chubby Little Snowman (poem), Jolly Jolly Santa, He'll Be Comin' Down the Chimney, Bundles (poem), Let's Get on Board, The Sewing Machine (by Melanie Bonis), Ha Ha Thisaway, Snowman Joe, Bogannin' Hill, Old Mother Brown, Penguin Polka, Months of the Year, Jubilee, Who Has the Pencil, Sailor Song, Fiddledeedee, The Train (poem), Button Factory, Snow (poem), Winter (poem), Pretty Princess, Sleeping Beauty (or Briar Rose; story, with verses from Pretty Princess), Cheer for 100, It Takes One to Know One, Arroz con Leche, Bate Bate Chocolate (poem), Page's Train, Chew Chew, Down By the Station, The Taxi (poem), Groundhog, Willowbee, Musical Priest, Little Airplane, 3 Wheeled Car, Listen to Me Play, I Like Valentines, As Friends We're 2, Kangaroo, Wallaby Hop, Hey There Friend, Head & Shoulders, If You're Happy, We Don't Put Up with Putdowns, Alice the Camel, A Tisket a Tasket, San Severino, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs (poem), Dinosaur Ditty-wa, I Wanna Be a Dog, The Proud Horseman (by Robert Fuchs), The Connaughtman's Rambles, Burnie Bee, Here Is a Beehive (poem), A Me Limbo, Purple Stew, Leprechaun March, Michael Finnigan, Mr. Troll, Nanny Goats, 3 Billy Goats Gruff (story), Don't Throw Your Junk, Move to the Drum 1, Me & My Kite, Knees Up Mother Brown, Tingalayo, 4 in a Boat, Pass the Shoe, Higs & Grugs & Snugglebugs, Bubble Gum, Kids are Cool, Easter Bunny Hops Along, Easter Is Here, German Dance (by Beethoven), Color the Eggs, Old Mr. Rabbit, Spaceworms, 5 Green Men, Zoom Zoom Zoom (poem), Rain Rain, Clouds (poem), Rain (poem), Clouds (poem), 6 Inch Boots, Dr. Foster (poem), If All the Raindrops, Ame Ame, We've Got the Whole World, Bluebird, Grandma Moses, Grandma & Grandpa We Love You, Wear a Helmet, De Bajodel Baton, Moms Are Special, Frog in My Pocket, On a Log, Scie le Bois, Sarabande (by Corelli), Humoresque in G (by Leopold Mozart), Monkeys on the Bed (poem), Chicamy Chicamy Crany Crow, Old MacDonald, Welcome to Bermooda, Farmer in the Dell, Move to the Instruments, Los Pollitos, Watch Our Garden Grow, Fishy Fishy (poem), Listen to the Water, Go Round & Round the Village, Frog in My Pocket, See Saw, Uptown Zoo, Fireman, Circus Parade, Naughty Kitty Cat, Pussycat Pussycat (poem),The Humpback Whales are Blowing Bubbles, A Boy & a Girl in a Canoe, Miss Polly, The Mill, Hotaru Koi, Sammy the Salmon, What Shall We Do, Lady Bugs (poem), Flutterby (poem), Ecossaise, Let You Light Shine, Draw a Bucket of Water, She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain, Kindergarten Graduation Piggyback, Move to the Drum 2, Supplementary Resources, Songs as Story Books, CD Song Listing, Glossary, Alphabetical Index.
Author Gagné, Denise
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