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By Bradford, Louise Larkins
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Sing It Yourself 220 Pentatonic American Folk Songs By Louise Larkins Bradford Book 148 pages For this collection, "pentatonic" has been interpreted freely to include a number of songs using less than 5 tones since these are especially useful for the training of young children or beginning recorder
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Sing It Yourself 220 Pentatonic American Folk Songs By Louise Larkins Bradford Book 148 pages For this collection, "pentatonic" has been interpreted freely to include a number of songs using less than 5 tones since these are especially useful for the training of young children or beginning recorder players. A few melodies with ornamental passing tones have also been included. To facilitate their adaptation to Orff instruments, all have been written in keys requiring only an F# or Bb in addition to the notes of the C scale, but they may also be sung unaccompanied in other keys. Several non-English American songs have been included and although translations have been provided, foreign texts (with one exception) are simple enough for children to sing; pronunciation guides are not given. Each song includes the melody line, lyrics and origin. Notes and sources for the songs, a bibliography, suggested recordings and a subject index are also included. Contents: Songs Within Compass of a 3rd;and 4th: Charlie Over the Water, Frog in the Meadow, Wastin' His Time, Ain't Gonna Ring No More, Go Round the Mountain, In Some Lady's Garden, There She Goes, Hand Game Song (Ute Indian), Cuckoo, Fais Dodo, Babylon's Fallin', Good News, I Don't Want You Go On, Standing in the Need of Prayer, The Old Ark's A-Moverin', Hammer Ring, I-Tisket, Little Sally Ann, Hand Game Song (Pawnee Indian), Street Cries (Charleston, SC), Star Light Star Bright, Arre MiBurrito. Songs within Compass of a 5th: Old Mother Brown, Solomon Grundy, Old Aunt Dinah, Bye Bye Baby, Run Child Run, El Zapatero, Little Rosa Lee, O I'm Goin' to Sing, Old Woman, Es Gait Nuch Tseeon, Turnip Greens, Knock at the Door, Roll the Old Chariot Along, Round Dance Song (Yuchi Indian), O the Train's Off the Track, 'Zekiel Saw the Wheel, O Lulah, Go Round Rabbit, Hosisipa, Who Built the Ark, Short'nin' Bread, Hush Little Baby, Ama Lama, Chicka Hanka, Johnny Mr. Brown, Amasee, Goin' Roun' the Mountain, Rosie Darling Rosie, 'Liza Jane, Go Round Go Round, Hula Song. Songs within Compass of a 6th;and 7th: Mary Come A-Running, Here Comes a Bluebird, Molly Brooks, I Fed My Horse, Sally Go Round the Stars, Willowbee, Willowbee (version 2), The Old Ship of Zion, Hush Little Minnie, Black Snake, Knock the Cymbals, My Father's House, Hunting for a Home, My Foot's In My Stirrup, In the Good Old Fashioned Way, Across the Western Ocean, Blow Ye Winds Blow, Why Don't You Let God's People Go, Juan Pirulero, Run Mo'ner Run, Little Girl Little Girl, Eagle Dance Song (Algonquin Indian), Old Rabbit, Snake Baked a Hoe Cake, Story of Creation, Old Bald Eagle, The Gospel Train, Swing Ol' Liza, There Was a Man, I Hear the Train A-Coming, Do Lord Remember Me, Go to Sleepy, Old Dan Tucker, Jinny Go Round, The Merry Green Fields of the Lowland, O Where Did You Come From, Lullaby, Michael Slew the Dragon, Show Me the Way, 2 White Horses, Dry Bones, Gon' Knock John Booker, Loop de Loo, John the Boy Hello, John's Gone to Hilo, Sea Lion Woman, Yoop Tiddy, The Cobbler, Shout Little Lulu, Punchinella, Charlie Over the Ocean (version 2), Draw a Bucket of Water, Perry Merry Dictum Dominee, Sandy Land, Stooping on the Window. Songs within Compass of an Octave: Johnny Come a Long Time, O Li'l 'Liza Jane, Krinkum Krankum, Old Man Mosie, Morning Bells, Short'nin' Bread (version 2), Tideo, Blue Beads, Hallelujah, Corn Shucking Song, Work's Being Done, 49 Bottles, Jump Jim Crow, Hanging Johnny, Sweep It Clean, Amber In A Wa, Fisherman Peter, Jubilee, Christ Was Born in Bethlehem, I Heard the Angels Singing, Same Train, Indian Flute Melody (Chippewa), John Brown's Coal Mine, The Old Sow, Irish Trot, The Tree in the Wood, Night Herding, Many Say I Am Too Noisy, Tugadoo Fife;and Drum, Ole Tare River, Alabama Girl, A Shoulder of Mutton, The Hammer Song, Old Pompey, Old Paint, Roxie Ann, White Pigeon Song (Algonquin Indian), Tea Rye Riley, Reuben Ranzo, Marching Round the Fodder Stack, I Got a Robe, Joe Magarac, The Farmer's Boy, Dinah, Gypsy Davy, D'r Schwiezemann, That Lonesome Valley, How Long the Train Been Gone, If I Had-a My Way, Raccoon Dance Song, Wake Up Jacob, Singing on the Old Camp Ground, Veer Koomen Immer Naier, River Go Down, Little Sally Walker, Round the Corner Sally, Good News (version 2), Where Is the Landlord, Chisholm Trail Cattle Call. Songs within Compass of a 9th: The Mouse's Courting Song, Oh Uncle Rat, Old Lady Sittin' in the Dining Room, Here Sits a Young Man, Sally Goodin', Fine Brick House, Dance Josey, Chickama Craney Crow, Railroad Corral, All 'Round the Buttercup, Mr. Rabbit, See Me Cross the Water, How Long Watchman, Cotton Dance Song, Peter Go Ring Them Bells, I Wish I Was a Cowboy, I'm Going to Leave Old Texas, Lovely Mary, Hollich Ouf da Reis, Good- Bye My Riley O, Star of Bethlehem, Trail to Mexico, Sit Down Sister, The Peacock, Hoosen Johnny, Oh Lovely Come This Way, Cotton Needs Pickin', Miner's Song, Climbin' High Mountains, Walk in the Parlor, Get On the Evening Train, Fadding Gidding, One More River. Songs within Compass of a 10th;and 11th: Circle Round the Zero, Angel at the Door, E Hunga, Way Down Yonder in Arkansas, Little Wheel, Somebody Knockin', Sun Don't Set in the Morning, The Cuckoo, The Wandering Cowboy, I Done Done, Star in the East, Charley, Jim Along Joe, Little Black Train, Noah, Little David, California, Zion's Children, Cape Cod Chantey, What Shall I Do.
Author Bradford, Louise Larkins
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