The Windsongs Series, Book 1 Windsongs B A G Tunes

By Kulich, Birthe Berarducci, Joe
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This is a really nice book for students as young as second grade. It's set up like a workbook and the illustrations can be colored in by the students. Solfege syllables and rhythm syllables (ta, ti-ti, etc) are used and the staff is introduced. Just the notes B, A, and G are learned, but there are many songs and activities included. - Kathy

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Windsongs Book 1 is the first volume in the Windsongs Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs by Berthe Kulich and Joe Berarducci. This progressive method for soprano recorder is intended for individual or classroom instruction. It is the first in a sequential series of six books leading from the first steps in recorder playing to musical literacy and the threshold of recorder consort playing. Each book in the series serves as a workbook as there are tasks and exercises for the students to complete.
Each book builds upon the previous volume, adding the notes in a logical sequence. The series uses sol-fa syllables (mi re do in Book 1), rhythm syllables (ta and ti ti in Book 1), and leads to reading staff notation. There are places for students to draw notes as well as other written activities. A combination of both English and French songs which draw on the rich heritage of Canadian folk songs are used.
For ages 6 to 10
Range of notes: B-A-G

Practice Recorder
Recorder Diagrams
Care of Your Recorder
First Steps in Playing
Introducing mi, re, do
First Try; Your Turn
Evening Song
Repeat Sign; Directional notation using mi, re, do with Evening Song
Note Names B A G
The Staff
Finding Lines and Spaces
Treble Clef (G clef)
Writing B A G on the Staff
Bonnie Bee; The Wind
Time Pattern (2)
Polka Hop
Adding Bar Lines
Time Pattern (4)
Hot Cross Buns
Rondin Picotin
Hop Old Squirrel
Supplementary Material: Long Legged Sailor; Come, Come and Dance; Who's That Yonder?; Old Dog; Old Mister Mitch; The Clown; Taking Turns
Author Kulich, Birthe Berarducci, Joe
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