Interactive whiteboards and Smartboards are a fun, motivating way to engage a generation of little techies. If your classroom is equipped with one, click through to check out all West Music's awesome Smartboard music lessons, games and activities. Our array of interactive white board music games are a surefire way to add fun and education during play time. To make your job less stressful, most packages have been created around specific age groups for a handy all-in-one deal; this will save you from having to select a Smartboard music lessons for each grade or skill level. West Music's assortment of enriching activities is targeted towards fostering rhythm, composing, mallet instrument playing, conducting and more.

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Listening Resource Kit 1 Digital Resource
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Gagné, Denise Werner, Stacy

    Technology is increasingly an invaluable tool for engaging students and helping them learn. This generation of digital natives that you teach will never go anywhere without their smartphone or tablet. With that in mind, one of the best ways to make lessons fun and interesting for your students is to integrate devices such as smartboards into music lessons to aid learning.

    Our range of smartboard and interactive whiteboard lessons are perfect for the modern music educator. You'll find the perfect resource stocked at West Music for specific educational needs or particular age groups and skill levels.

    They can incorporate them into individual projects on musical notation, composition, and conducting. After just one use, these musical whiteboard lessons will be a vital partner in your lesson planning, adding variety and a "hands on" element to your theory sessions. Developed by experienced music educators, West Music offers the lessons available for use with both Smart and Promethean boards.

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