The Kodály Method – created by Zoltán Kodály in the mid-twentieth century – is a tried and true pedagogical method aimed at improving the quality of music education for young children. In fact, studies have proven that Kodály music education improves pitch accuracy, rhythm, music literacy (the ability to read and potentially even write music), and to sing complex parts. West Music is proud to carry such an extensive collection of Kodály books and music resources to help guide instructors in both the classroom and in therapy sessions. Available for instruction of various age groups, you’ll be amazed at your students’ improvement once you begin following this innovative method!

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An American Methodology
Item No. 839409
Eisen, Ann Robertson, Lamar
Conversational Solfege, Level 1 (Complete Set)
Item No. 841351
Feierabend, John M.
$104.85 $96.95
Conversational Solfege, Level 2 (Complete Set)
Item No. 841352
Feierabend, John M.
$143.85 $133.00
Sail Away
Item No. 814349
Locke, Eleanor
333 Reading Exercises
Item No. 813963
Kodaly, Zoltan
First, We Sing! Songbook Bundle
Item No. 867814
Brumfield, Susan
$92.97 $87.95
Kodály Today (Second Edition)
Item No. 849725
Houlahan, Micheal Tacka, Philip
First, We Sing! 100 Little Songs and Rhymes
Item No. 867613
Brumfield, Susan
185 Unison Pentatonic Exercises
Item No. 802297
Bacon, Denise

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