For those times when little fingers, singing voices, and attention-spans are exhausted, West Music offers a plethora of fun musical games for kids in the classroom to ensure learning and smiles! Hands-on activities for an entire classroom will help enhance musical knowledge, from note reading, famous composer history to rhythmic understanding. These music games for students are designed to help lay foundational pieces to song creation, and are practical for both classroom or at home. Plus, all kids music activities and books are specified for age and/or grade levels, taking out the guesswork for instructors. Make learning fun and harmonious with classroom games, available to buy through West Music.

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Markerboard People Dry Erase Board, Grand Staff, Classroom Set
Item No. 530188 In Stock
Markerboard People
$241.50 $228.00
$241.50 $228.00
$27.99 $24.99
Note Knacks Full Classroom Set
Item No. 530643 In Stock
Note Knacks Pugliese, Kristin
Markerboard People Dry Erase Board Teacher Companion
Item No. 530190 In Stock
Markerboard People
First Steps in Global Music
Item No. 871260 In Stock
Howard, Karen
$183.81 $166.95
Easy Bucket Drumming
Item No. 866455 In Stock
Peavoy, Matthew Dane
Woods, Metals, Shakers, Skins
Item No. 867978 In Stock
Almeida, Artie


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