Dry Erase Board Student Staff and Keyboard (Classroom Set)

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This set of dry erase boards is great for melodic and/or rhythmic dictation and for student-created music. The keyboard is a bonus for learning and practicing the music alphabet, accidentals and chords. The boards are sturdy enough that students can even hold them in their laps as they write and draw.  -Kathy

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Student Staff Keyboard Dry Erase Board SetGet each of your students involved in music education with this 30 pack of music staff dry erase boards. Most children respond to hands-on learning, so having the staff in their hands and the ability to look at a line of 29 piano keys will be a great help in teaching the basics of music notation. These boards are made from solid wood by-products with all corners and edges rounded for safety and durability. Each board features one staff, with a line of 29 piano keys printed below it. The other side is solid black. Each dry erase board comes with its own fine tip, dry-erase marker and felt eraser. The markers are non-toxic, ultra-low odor and are washable off of skin.
To clean these boards:
First off, DO NOT USE abrasive cleaners. Old fashioned Comet cleaner is good for the bathtub, but bad for the Dry Erase Board.
If you accidentally use a regular marker or a Vis-A-Vis on your dry erase surface you will probably get it off with a water dampened cloth. This is normal with all dry erase surfaces. If you get something on your board that doesn't want to clean off, don't panic. You may be able to remove it from your board by going over the mark with your dry erase marker and then erasing.
If that does not clean it off there are markerboard cleaners you may purchase from various office supply stores. Most cleaners actually consist of a weak dry erase marker solution. To do a heavy duty cleaning of our boards we recommend using some non-acetone fingernail polish remover on a soft cloth or paper towel. This method works better and costs less than commercial board cleaner. On boards purchased elsewhere, check with the manufacturer to avoid damaging your board.
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