Infuse your classroom with some cultural and global awareness with the use of our multicultural and world music books, DVDs and materials. You’ll introduce students to new rhythm patterns, languages, and songs sung around the world with any of these distinctive multicultural music books. Choose from African, Asian, Native American, Caribbean and other rich heritages. Of course, you don’t have to be limited by a single culture either— for a more comprehensive approach, we’ve included world music lesson plans that cover a range of songs from around the globe. You can also choose from various multicultural audio guides, CDs and more for a wider range of learning opportunities.

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Step It Down
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Hot Peas and Barley-O
Item No. 825348 In Stock
The Singing Sack
Item No. 803996 In Stock
Vamos a Cantar
Item No. 828434 In Stock
Roots & Branches (Campbell)
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African Playground
Item No. 850686 In Stock
$14.98 $13.95
Let Your Voice Be Heard!
Item No. 800098 In Stock
Over the Garden Wall
Item No. 836684 In Stock
Moving Within the Circle
Item No. 802988 In Stock




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