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Music therapy is a field that is constantly growing and progressing. West Music has been supporting and supplying music therapists for many years, and has been offering personalized services for our own therapists clients' unique needs since 1994. Our collection of music therapy books and materials provides supplemental books, videos and CDs for therapists to use in their own practice or classroom. On top of educational tools, West Music also offers texts that dive into the theories and techniques that provide insight into the implementation of music therapy and the conditions it serves.

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Ethical Thinking In Music Therapy
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Dileo, Cheryl
Hospice and Palliative Care 2nd Edition
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Hilliard, Russell
Music in Special Education 3rd Edition
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Adamek, Mary Darrow, Alice-Ann
Music Therapy at the End of Life
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Dileo, Cheryl Loewy, Joanne
Songwriting for Music Therapists
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Brunk, Betsey King
Advanced Practice in Medical Music Therapy: Case Reports
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Dileo, Cheryl

    Evidence from studies on drumming show percussion instruments to have many physiological and psychological benefits, including reducing the risk of certain cancers and viruses while also allowing faster recuperation from other diseases. Multiple health practitioners have introduced percussion into their healthcare regimen in order to aid their patients’ recovery.

    At West Music we stock tutorial books, DVDs and play-along CDs that allow practitioners or their students to learn how to use percussion to enrich their health and life. We also have a range of percussion available for health rhythms classes or events. The books provided will guide practitioners on how best to incorporate percussion into treatment programs. West Music carries instruments such as bongos, djembe drums and buffalo drums, including a range of items from the American manufacturer, Remo. We have many options for healthcare practitioners or their patients, so come and get your percussion prescription!

    Trust West Music to have the latest and greatest therapy tools and music therapy instruments