Come On Everybody, Let's Sing!

By Birkenshaw-Fleming, Lois
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Come On Everybody, Let's Sing! By Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming 332 Pages Spiral-bound Music activities for all children in regular, mainstreamed, and special classes. Includes 175 songs, 72 poems, 11 games, and 2 playlets. The first 10 chapters are lesson plans grouped by themes (seasons and weather,
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Come On Everybody, Let's Sing! By Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming 332 Pages Spiral-bound
Music activities for all children in regular, mainstreamed, and special classes. Includes 175 songs, 72 poems, 11 games, and 2 playlets. The first 10 chapters are lesson plans grouped by themes (seasons and weather, hello & goodbye, animals, etc.), with music & suggestions for teaching special & regular students; only the melody line is given (some have chord letters as well). Chapter 11 focuses on Basic Learning: how music activities can help children grasp concepts in language, numbers, spelling, and telling time. Chapter 12 is a basic crash course in music theory and terminology, and also specific ideas as to how to present materials and activities. Chapter 13 gives descriptions of common disabilities and suggestions on how to help problems specific to each one. Chapter 14 lists instruments best suited for classrooms, how to adapt them for physically handicapped children, and how to use them in non-traditional ways. A set of 4 companion CDs is also available (available separately).
Contents: We Are One; Introduction.
Chapter 1 - Hello & Goodbye:Good Morning, Hello My Friends, A Great Day (chant), Come & Join Our Circle, Round Like A..., Games for Saying Hello, Where Is Peter, More Games for Saying Hello, We're All Together Again, The More We Get Together, The Musictime Is Over, Hey Hey What Do You Say (chant), Other Hello & Goodbye Songs.
Chapter 2 - Just for Fun: Do Your Ears Hang Low, Hear the Bells Ring, Michael Finnegan, The Sleeping Princess, Tinga Layo, Mama Paquita, Happiness Runs, Old Roger, 'Neath the Lilacs, Haul Away Joe, Old Texas, Streets of Laredo, Catch a Falling Star, Turn On the Sun, Other Just-For-Fun Songs.
Chapter 3 - Actions Songs, Poems, & Singing Games:I'll Touch (poem), I Have 10 Little Fingers (poem), Roll Your Hands (poem), Move With Me, Round & Round, I Can Walk With 2 Feet, Jumping, Rolling, Jack-in-the-Box (poem), Hey Hey Look At Me, Clap Clap Clap Your Hands, Hop a Little (poem), Hands Are For Clapping (poem), Monkey See & Monkey Do, One in the Middle, Peter Hammers, Join In the Game, Let Us Run, The Hokey Pokey, Dr. Knickerbocker, The Smoke Goes Up the Chimney,Skinnamarink, All Around the Kitchen, Wake Up You Sleepyhead, The Crocodile, Other Action Songs/ Poems/ Singing Games.
Chapter 4 - Seasons & Weather: I Like to Sing, In Autumn, The Wind, Leaves Fall Down, Leaves Are Falling, Autumn Leaves, October, Brrrrr Cold (chant), Cold Winds Are Blowing (poem), See the Little Snowflakes, On a Snowy Day, Jump on My Sleigh, Heave Ho Buckets of Snow (poem), Weather Sayings (poems & chants), March (poem), March Winds (poem), Goodbye Winter, It Rained a Mist, Ain't Gonna Rain, The Little Seed, It's Summer, June (poem), Other Good Songs About the Weather & the Seasons, Recordings About the Weather & the Seasons.
Chapter 5 - Animals, Insects, & Birds: Let's Sing a Song, Funny Pets, Animal Story Sentences, Little Peter Rabbit, My Pets (poem), Chickadees, 10 Fluffy Chickens, The Elephants, A Green Frog, 10 Little Frogs, Little Bird, I Like Bugs, Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar (poem), Good Day Song, Good Morning (poem), The Song of the Brontosaurus, 5 Enormous Dinosaurs (poem), We're Off to Catch a Dragon, Alice the Camel, Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone, Going to the Zoo, Dobbin Dobbin, Early in the Morning, The Fox, Who Built the Ark, Other Good Songs & Poems About Animals/ Insects/ Birds, Recording Selections About Animals/ Insects/ Birds, Books About Animals.
Chapter 6 - All About Me:All About Me, I Can Clap My Hands, Me (poem), Shake My Sillies Out, If You're Happy & You Know It, Problems (poem), Will You Be My Friend, When I Get Mad I Beat My Drum (poem), Make New Friends, Recordings for Functional Use, Songs & Recordings About Emotions & Friendship Routines, I Hate to Get Up, Brush Your Teeth (poem), Mulberry Bush, Put On the Mitts, Oh Mother I Can't Find My Socks (poem), Making Dinner (poem), Peanut Butter, A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track (poem), I Like Peanut Butter (poem), Found a Peanut, The Donut Song, I Like to Cook, Going on a Picnic, On Top of Spaghetti, One Bottle of Pop, Using All the Senses to Study Food, Other Poems & Songs About Food.
Chapter 7 - Where We Live: Where Do You Live, Oats Pease Beans & Barley Grow, Plant a Little Seed (poem), Flowers Flowers (poem), Other Songs About Farms, Tall Buildings (poem), We Are Going to the Zoo, Ding Ding Ding Ding, Look Who's Here, Song of the Washing Machine (poem), Tick Tock, Other Songs About Machines, Recordings About Machines, The Truck, We're Riding Our Bicycles, The Bus, Down by the Station, Windshield Wipers (poem), Stop Look & Listen (poem), Ride the Train, The Rocket, Other Songs & Poems About Transportation, Recordings About Transportation, Books About Transportation.
Chapter 8 - Holidays & Special Days: 10 Little..., Colors, Cooking, Word Phrases, Ha'sukkah Ma Yafah, Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving Canon, Thank You God, The Turkey Game, Hallowe'en Time, 5 Little Pumpkins, 3 Green Goblins, The Witches' Pot (chant), Hallowe'en Night (poem), Skin & Bones, Pumpkin Head, Recordings for Hallowe'en, Chanukah Is Here at Last, Light the Menorah, Dreydel (poem), My Candles, Other Songs for Chanukah, Recordings & Books for Chanukah, Sing We All Merrily (poem), Count On Your Fingers (poem), December (poem), Santa Is His Name, Christmas Time Is Santa Time, Merry Christmas to You, Down the Chimney, The Christmas Tree, When Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney, Play a Listening Game, Guess the Toy (game), The Friendly Beasts, Christmas Bells, Hear the Bells, Ringing Bells (poem), Oh There Was a Little Baby, Christmas Chopsticks, African Noel, A Baby Was Born (play), Santa Wake Up (play), Using the Carols With Children With Language Difficulties, Other Songs for Christmas, Christmas Books, Christmas Recordings, The Little Groundhog (poem), Groundhog, I Have a Valentine, Be My Valentine, I Love You I Love You (poem), Remember Me on the River (poem), I've Only Got a Dime, TheMagic Penny, A Valentine's Song, Other Songs for Valentine's Day, McNamara's Band, An Irish Rondo (chant), Other Songs for St. Patrick's Day, On the Road Today, The Easter Bunny (poem), Easter Rabbits (poem), There's a Little Bunny, Other Songs fo rEaster, General Holiday Recordings & Books, Tell Me When Your Birthday Comes (chant).
Chapter 9 - Movement Ideas & Songs for Dancing: Why Movement, What Is Movement, Non-locomotor Movement, Locomotor Activities (Start With a Drum/ Begin by Making a Shape), Springboards Into Movement (Mirrors, Animals, The Elephant & the Mouse [story], Machines, Clocks, Transportations, Space, Everyday Movement, Games, Texture, Shape, Names), Poems (Flip Flop, See the Leaves All Falling Down, Bubbles Bubbles), The Raggedy Doll, Instrumental Sound/ Recorded Sound, Using Props toStimulate Movement (balloons, scarves & streamers, hoops, ribbon sticks, lummi sticks, parachutes, balls), Formations for Movement & Dancing, Songs/ Movement Activities/ & Dances in Different Formations, Create Your Own Dance Patterns, Wheelchair Dances, Folk Dances, Help- Ideas That Make Movement Activities Go More Smoothly, Songs With Specific Movement Patterns (Round & Round the Village, Circle Round the Zero, Bow Bow Bow Belinda, Sarasponda, 4 in a Boat, Pick a Bale of Cotton, Skating Away, Somebody Waiting).
Chapter 10 - Sound Exploration & Listening: Ideas for Exploring All the Senses, Ears Hear (poem), Sound, Focusing & Sound, Location, Explore & Describe, Sounds, Echos or Copycat, The Goat, 2 Little Dickie Birds (poem), Do Your OwnThing- Question & Answer, Auditory Sequencing, Listening to Recorded Music, General Tips for Success in Listening to Music, Other Songs & Poems for Listening, Books on Sound, Recordings for Sound & Listening.
Chapter 11 - Basic Learning: Ball Bouncing/ Catching & Throwing Skills, Pass the Ball, The Ball, Bounce & Catch, 5 Jolly Pirates (poem), Action & Reaction Games, Directionality, The Bench (poem), Andy Spandy (poem), The Car [Doll] inthe Box (poem), Sequencing, Oh My Aunt Came Back, Telling Time, Musical Clocks, Days of the Week, It's Monday, Months of the Year, Social Studies, Numbers & Counting, We Caught a Fish Alive (poem), 5 Red Apples (poem), 5 Little Monkeys Jumpingon the Bed (poem), 3 Little Monkeys (poem), 5 in the Bed, Patterning, Music & Language Development, Humpty Dumpty (poem), Jack & Jill (poem), I Love the Mountains, Bingo, Jelly in the Bowl (poem), 3 Crows, When I First Came to This Land, I Wish I Was, Billy Boy, Colors, I Spy (game), Mary Wore a Red Dress, Color Dance, Pass It On, Spelling, Rhythm of Words, I Can't Spell Hippopotamus, Reading, Preparation for Reading (What Do the Letters Say, The Alphabet Song, Musical Letters),Illustrated Song Books, Word Recognition, Using Lyrics as Reading Exercises, Dramatization of Children's Songs & Stories (The 3 Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man).
Chapter 12 - Help: Very Basic Musical Concepts, Notes & the Staff, Key Signature, Tonic Solfa, Note Values & Rests, Time Signature, Teaching Notation (Rhythmic Notation/ Rhythm Names/ Melodic Notation), Conducting, Teaching a Song,Starting a Song, Singing in the Classroom, How to Choose a Song for Special Children & Others Too, Teaching a Song From a Record, Form, Some Common Musical Terms, Helpful Hints for Working With Special Children, The Music Place, X Marks theSpot, Order & Sequence, Teaching Styles & Techniques, Choosing Partners & Groups, Movement Ideas, Sound Ideas, Relaxation, 3/4 and 6/8 Meter, Deciding Who Is "It", Holding Hands, Left & Right, Puppets.
Chapter 13 - Description of Disabilities & Mainstreaming: Mental Disabilities, Description of Mental Disabilities, Causes of Mental Disability, Characteristics of Slow Learners/ Mildly & Moderately Mentally Retarded, How Music Can Help,How Music Can Help People Who are Severely & Profoundly Retarded, General Tips for Success, Successful Programs, Physical Disabilities, Description of Disabilities/ Causes/ & the Role of Music, How Music Can Help, General Tips for Success,Hearing Impairment, Description of Hearing Impairment, Types of Hearing Loss, A Short Explanation of How Audiologists Measure Sound, Classification of Hearing Loss, Causes of Hearing Impairment, Hearing Aids, Hearing-Impaired Children, How Music CanHelp the Hard-of-Hearing, The Severely & Profoundly Hearing Impaired- The Deaf, Cochlear Implant, How Music Can Help Deaf Children, General Tips for Success in Music Activities, Are You Sleeping (signing), Hello My Friends (signing), Visual Impairment, Description of Visual Impairments, Degrees of Blindness, Other Vision Problems, Common Causes of Blindness in Children, Characteristics of Visually Impaired Children, How Music Can Help, General Tips for Success, Learning Music, LearningDisabilities, Causes of Learning Disabilities, Brain Research, Description of Behavioral Characteristics & How Music Can Help, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADD & ADHD, General Tips for Success, Autism, Description of Autism, Causes of Autism,General Ideas for Teaching Autistic Children, How Music Can Help, Behavioral Disabilities, Description of Behavioral Disabilities, Causes of Behavioral Disabilities, How Music Can Help, Multiple Disabilities, Causes of Multiple Handicaps, Types ofDisabilities & How Music Can Help, More General Ideas of How Music Can Help, Mainstreaming, Success in Mainstreaming, General Tips for Success.
Chapter 14 - Instruments: Free Exploration of Instruments & Sound Makers, Small-Scale Sound Makers, Larger-Scale Sound Makers, Mallets & So On, More Directed Experiences, Mary's in the Middle, Make Your Own Musical Instruments, The Orchestra in the Classroom, 3 Ways to Group the Orchestra, Conduct the Orchestra, Ourchestra (poem), Recordings to Use With Instruments, Classroom Instruments, Piano/ Organ/ Electric Keyboards & Synthesizers/ Ukulele/ Guitar/ When the Saints GoMarching In (chord diagram)/ Autoharp/ Omnichord, 2-Chord Songs, 3-Chord Songs, Resonator Bells/ Tone Bells/ Bells in the Steeple, Play & Sing, Handbells/ Kazoos/ Horns/ Melodicas/ Recorders, Hand Percussion (Non-Pitched Bells/ Chimes & Cymbals/ Triangles/ Drums & Tambourines/ Instruments That Are Scraped/ Woodblocks & Claves/ Puili Sticks/ Temple Blocks/ Instruments That Are Shaken), Melodic Percussion (Xylophones/ Metallophones/ Glockenspiels/ Color or Shape Coding/Charts for Using Instruments/ Accompaniments for Melodic Instruments), Mallets, Tympani, Tips for Using Classroom Instruments, Put Away, Modifications for Instruments/ Picks/ & Beaters, Orchestral Instruments, Books, Recordings, J is forJazzman, Old MacDonald Had a Band, In Our Town, Picking a Banjo, Angel Band, Dinah.
Chapter 15 - Videos & Recordings: Good Recordings for Children- General, Songs (Folk & Other), Videos & Recordings for Teaching Children With & Without Disabilities, Instrument Recognition & "Play Your Own Instruments" Recordings for Moving & Dancing, Recordings for Listening.
Chapter 16 - Books: General Books on Teaching Music/ Speech/ & Movement, Songbooks & Collections of Music, Books on Movement & Dance, Making & Playing Instruments, Poetry & Story Collections, Stories for Dramatization, General Books on Music & Dance for Students, Books for Students Who Have Special Needs, Professional Books.
Index of Musical Concepts; Index of Developmental Concepts; Alphabetical List of Songs; Alphabetical List of Poems; Games; Plays; Songs in the Pentatonic Scale; 2- and 3-Note Songs; Other Songs & Poems; Acknowledgements.
Author Birkenshaw-Fleming, Lois
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