Whether you’re looking for self-instruction or interested in picking up some new classroom techniques to teach your students, West Music has you covered. Our comprehensive collection of drum method books comprehensively dives into many different genres and styles. You can rest assured all percussion methods are instructionally sound and designed for students to get the most out of practices and performances. For those who learn better visually, we’ve added a few DVDs into the mix, as well! We’ve also included specific drum and percussion resources for Salsa, Conga, and marimbas. Our guides are available for beginners, intermediate players, or anyone simply looking to learn a new style or technique. Pick up your percussion method books today!

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Performing Percussionist: Book 1
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    Give musicians a fuller understanding of percussion methods with the instruction books and sets available at West Music. Designed to get students of all ages and skill levels engaged and provide a fuller understanding of different approaches and techniques, the instruction booklets and guides add another element to teaching students the joys of percussion instruments. Whether you require books on congas, djembes, timpanis, hand or electronic drums, or marimbas, there’s a product to cover all your needs. Many of these pieces contain both visual and audio components, with included CDs for students to listen to outside of class. Some packets even contain instructional DVDs for practice at home or days off.

    Available from names including Innovative Percussion and Malletech, the percussion guides offered by West Music are sure to give musicians of all ages a more comprehensive understanding of the various techniques and methods for percussion instruments. Plus, at prices that work with a variety of budgets, these instructional books are the perfect addition to any classroom, lesson, or therapy session.