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Whether you're teaching your students the proper djembe hand drumming techniques or how to best use the double bass pedal, West Music carries a variety of percussion music texts and resources for you to consider. The sheet music for drums spans across a wide range of skill levels and genres, helping you to expand your musicians' horizons. Great for teachers and music therapists alike, help your percussion students find that elusive groove with one of these supplemental texts today!

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    Read up on rehearsal techniques or get inspired with ways to include drums into your next lesson plan with the assortment of percussion texts and reference materials from West Music. Ideal for music educators who work in the band program at school, choir leaders at the local church, and parents looking to teach their children to keep a rhythm with their drum or other percussion instrument, the selection of resource texts has you covered no matter who you’re helping learn to play.

    Suitable for musicians of all ages, many of the percussion reference books and texts include instructional DVDs or audio CDs, as well as built-in exercises and information on how to properly set up and position various instruments. Available at affordable prices that work with your budget, you can easily find something to suit your needs.

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