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 To supplement the skills taught by a passionate music instructor, students need great sheet music to practice techniques learned in the classroom. For the saxophone player looking for jazz sheet music to collections of classical pieces for the string quartet in an orchestra, there are numerous sheet music choices available. Browse options like traditional Mozart, music transcribed from films, and simple practice bars. These sheets help students stay motivated while they improve their musicianship.

There is no shortage of marching band and orchestra sheet music options. Search for a specific instrument from piano to trumpet for the perfect selection. The publications tend to fall in a few categories: music for solo players and ensembles, play-along collections, method and instruction books, and other reference texts. Ensemble music typically includes music for all the instruments while solo pieces are for an accompanist's part. Method books are an ideal way to help students develop skills while working through etudes and exercises. Play-along collections consist of CDs and DVDs to encourage and motivate students to practice often. For books that help develop skills related to music playing and education, look for reference texts.