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 Whether played at home or in the classroom, CDs, and DVDs are effective music education tools. With an assortment of titles available featuring a wide range of genres, they are a great way to incorporate music into activities and translate theory and concepts into concrete examples.


For young children, these CDs and DVDs introduce them to different styles of music. From the classics of Beethoven and Mozart to genres like bluegrass and Latin American folk, young children can easily expand their exposure to new music types through listening. Music CDs are also a great component for providing background music during activities. Some offer a selection of songs designed to get kids up and dancing. Others include music and instructions to play specific games, use props, or follow along with instruments.


Music DVDs have the added benefit of offering visual instruction, particularly for those learning a new instrument. There are DVDs to teach beginners the basics or new playing methods and techniques. Browse the large selection at West Music, you'll certainly find the right fit!