Boomwhacker Bingo, Volume 1 Whacky Rhythms
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Boomwhacker Bingo, Volume 1 Whacky Rhythms

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Boomwhacker Bingo Vol. 1 - Whacky Rhythms By Paul and Teresa Jennings This musical learning game can use Boomwhackers to reinforce rhythm reading. Contents: Teacher's Guide, with a Piano/Vocal/Boomwhacker part for the song "B-I-N-G-O" Game directions and options Compact Disc Two Caller sheets (one for each group) - to be cut for drawing by the teacher/leader Reproducible Boomwhacker Orchestra part (not for all versions of the game) 30 different player sheets, each with 2 different sets of the available rhythms in a different order. There are 24 rhythms on each side. A reproducible "B-I-N-G-O" Song/Play sheet with variations of the tune, and a blank reproducible rhythm sheet with boxes and a line for the rhythms, so teachers can create their own sheets to reinforce other things they teach You will need to add your own tokens or chips for the games.Rhythms use quarter notes, quarter rests, 2-eighth notes, dotted half note, half note, and whole note and each box holds 4 beats.The game can be played with or without the CD. The CD contains the 4 versions of "B-I-N-G-O" and there are also 6 BINGO Grooves. Each Groove is a repetitive set of chord progressions either 2 or 4 bars long. For each Groove, the idea is for the Orchestra or whole class to have Boomwhackers that are appropriate to the chords being played.


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