Music Mind Benders
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Music Mind Benders

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Music Mind Benders By Bonnie J. Krueger Lateral-thinking puzzles, brainteasers, logic puzzles, story problems, and many more music-themed head scratchers 48 pages For grades 5-6 Divided into sections by difficulty level, Music Mind Benders contains a wide variety of reproducible puzzles that require very little time, zero setup, and can be used with the entire class or as a quick team-building exercise-whatever best suits your teaching needs. A perfect way to begin class or rehearsal and to motivate students to buckle down and focus on the daily activities of the music classroom.Contents:Easy Mind BendersMedium Mind BendersDifficult Mind BendersReproducible Worksheets:Music Note SudokuSudoku ScalesA Career in MusicMusical Pen PalsAs the Old Saying GoesSongs Without WordsOne Step at a TimeMusical StairsTwist and TermsA Puzzle of StyleAnswer Keys


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AuthorKrueger, Bonnie
Barcode ISBN9781429104210
PublisherHeritage Music Press


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