Interactive Now, Vol. 2 Promethean Ed.
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Interactive Now, Vol. 2 Promethean Ed.

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Teaching with interactive whiteboards just got a whole lot easier!

This is a collection of 10 interactive lessons and activities for the elementary music classroom using an interactive whiteboard and Promethean Flipchart files on this CD.  Appropriate grade levels are suggested for each lesson, however, many of these lessons are appealing for all elementary grades and can be used according to your classroom needs. Lesson suggestions and printable worksheets and resources are embedded within the interactive lessons. 


  • Bow Wow Wow - Grades 1 - 2.  Practice reading rhythms with iconic notation - ta, t-t, and rest (Z). Pages are created with a black background for low light conditions, and with a lighter background for brighter rooms.
  • Rhythm Flash Cards (Set 2) - Grades 2 - 3. This lesson activity contains 4-beat flash cards that are manipulated on the SMART Board. It reinforces reading and performing quarter notes, paired eighth notes, quarter rests, half notes, and half rests.
  • Blast from the Staff - Grades 3 - 5.  A competitive note-reading game. Students are given a set amount of time, using a "firecracker" timer, figure out the word that is spelled by the notes drawn on the staff. The game is complete with pages of cards of varying levels, and a scoreboard for fast-paced interactive fun!
  • "The Star-Spangled Banner" Memory Game - Grades 4 - 5. Teach the meaning of the lyrics to our national anthem with this interactive lesson.The game reinforces the meaning of twelve critical vocabulary words in the first stanza of the song.
  • Beat Box  - grades K - 1. An introductory lesson about sound/no sound and one sound or two sounds. Designed to help students practice creating and reading four-beat rhythm patterns, differentiating first between sound and no sound, and then between beats containing one and two sounds. 
  • Rhythm Notation Station (Set 1) - Grades K - 2. Thirty Seasonal, interactive charts for reinforcing rhythmic notation. Provides opportunities for students to create, read, and play eight- to sixteen-beat rhythms using standard and stick notation. Rhythms included in Set 1 are quarter notes, quarter rests, and paired eighth notes.
  • What Do You Hear?  - Grades 2 - 5. This lesson activity features a piano playing rhythm patterns composed of quarter notes, quarter rests, paired eighth notes, and half notes. Students match the rhythm played to the correct notation by choosing from three similar patterns. Instant feedback makes this an engaging activity for rhythmic ear training.
  • Hands On Treble Clef - Grades 3 - 5. Use a hand staff to teach and compose with melodic notation. Next, students place ovals (note heads) on the treble clef staff to notate two known songs ("Mary Had a Little Lamb"and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”). Finally, they can play phrases of the songs from their notation on a xylophone, which is included on the page.
  • What Melody Do You Hear?  - Grades 1 - 5.
  • Peter and the Wolf Matching Games - Grades K - 2.


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