Smart Rhythms, Vol. 2
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Smart Rhythms, Vol. 2

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Smart Rhythms Vol. II   By Linda Miller CD-ROM with SMART Notebook files Grades K - 6
This collection of interactive SMART Notebook files is a comprehensive resource for teaching, practicing and assessing rhythms. The 14 SMART Notebook files included use ten levels of rhythms. 
Level 1:  Quarter notes and rests, two eighth notes togetherLevel 2:  Adds half notes and rests and whole notes and rests Level 3:  Adds four sixteenth notes togetherLevel 4:  Adds an eighth note with two sixteenth notes Level 5:  Adds syncopation (eighth note, quarter note, eighth note) Level 6:  Adds single eighth notes Level 7:  Adds 3/4 time signature and dotted half notes Level 8:  Adds eight note triplets Level 9:  Adds a dotted eighth note with a sixteenth note Level 10: Adds 6/8 time and dotted quarter note 
The more than 120 activities include reading, listening, notating and composing with rhythms. Games are engaging - students will have fun while learning to read, write and compose with rhythms. 
Audio recordings of every flashcard are included. There is also a file that gives teachers ALL of the rhythm flash cards used in this collection as individual flash cards. Additional assessment suggestions are included in the Read Me file. Contents:1.  Rhythm Flash cards (Reading) Levels 1 - 102.  Clear the Field (Reading) Levels 1 - 10 3.  Go! Go! Ostinato! Levels 1 - 10 4.  Line 'Em Up (Reading) Levels 1 - 10 5.  Rhythm Band Rondo (Compositon) Levels 1 - 10 6.  Crash (Reading) Levels 1 - 10 7.  Practice Makes Perfect (Assessment)  Levels 1 - 10 8.  Sing and Ring (Reading) Levels 1 -10 9.  The Name Game (Listening) Levels 1 - 9 10. Marching Drills (Reading) Levels 1 - 10 11. Rhythm Rehearsal (Rhythm Erase) Levels 1 - 10 12. See You Later Alligator (Create) 13. Call to Order (Listening and Notating) 14. Flashcard Resources (Levels 1 - 10)


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