Orff Re-Echoes I - Demo
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Orff Re-Echoes I - Demo

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The Orff Re-Echoes I is a compilation of articles and supplements from the Orff Echo from the first eight years of its publication (through 1977). Articles were chosen based on their general interest, relevance to the Orff approach, and usefulness. This collection serves as a permanent collection of serious articles for the Orff instructor and/or enthusiast. 

Editor, Isabel McNeill Carley.

This DEMO item has cosmetic flaws that do not impact its functionality.

Table of Contents:

Part I: History
European Background
- Orff Schulwerk: Past and Future
- Gunild Keetman's Contribution to the Schulwerk
- How the Orff Xylophone Was Born
American Experience
- The Orff Schulwerk in American Education
- The Proliferation of Orff Schulwerk
- The Arts in Education: A Superintendent's View

Part II: Philosophy
- Process as Content in Orff Schulwerk
- Orff Schulwerk and Contemporary American Education Thought
- Why Does Orff Work?
- The Value of the Orff Approach
- No Pigeon-Hole Called "Music"
- Orff Impact Quotient...Rising
- Apologia for Orff Schulwerk
- Orff's "Schulwerk"
- Music With a Difference
- The Atmosphere in the Classroom
- On Creativity
- On Being Simple-Minded
- The Central Role of Music in Education
- Orff is the Answer
- That Lovely Two-Headed Betsy Higginbottam
- Yes-But...A Parable
- To Take Time
- The Animal School

Part III: Applications – Areas of Concentration
- About Singing: A Plea for the "Vox Humana"
- The New Children's Song
- Try Movement First
- American Play Parties: A Rich Source for Movement Ideas
- Movement and Rhythmic Education
- Music and Movement: Thoughts About Education in the Arts
- Thoughts on Improvisation
- Improvisation: Key to Orff Schulwerk
- The Use of Improvisation in Recorder Teaching
- Improvisation: The Life-Blood of Music
- Creative Play-Acting with Children
- Orff Schulwerk and Creative Drama
In the Classroom
- Portrait of the Music Teacher as an Energy Crisis
- Orff Schulwerk and the Classroom Teacher
- Orff and the Young Child
- Celebrations
- The Use of the Recorder in the Orff Approach
- Orff with the Retarded
In the Church
- Orff in Church
- The Magic of Orff: A Place to Begin
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More Information
AuthorCarley, Isabel McNeill
Barcode ISBN9780999145913
PublisherAmerican Orff-Schulwerk Association


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