Legato Lake Levels 1 and 2
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Legato Lake Levels 1 and 2

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This game is an introduction to the language of music and gives parents and teachers the opportunity to introduce and review (drill) music terms and symbols. Players get to "go fishing" for music terms and symbols using "bait" cards. The first player to "catch" all of his fish in his or her own lake has caught the limit and is the winner. For 2 -8 players.

Level 1 terms and symbols: Treble clef, Bass Clef, Middle C (shown with bass clef and then treble clef), D (above middle C on Treble clef), E (first line note on Treble Clef), F (first space on Treble clef and then 4th line on;Bass clef), G (second line;note on Treble clef and then 4th space on Bass clef), A (5th line on Bass clef), B (above Bass clef), Repeat sign, Quarter rest, Quarter note, Half note, Dotted half note, Whole note, Flat, Sharp, Tie, Slur, Forte, Mezzo forte, Piano, Mezzo Piano.

Level 2 terms and symbols: Accent, Staccato, Eighth note, Fermata, Sharp, flat, Half Rest, Whole rest, Tie, Slur, Crescendo, Diminuendo, Time Signatures (2/4, 3/4, 4/4), Andante, Moderato, Allegro,;Ritardando, a tempo, Da Capo al fine, and Fine. More beginning levels are available in Legato Lake Primer A and B (550066).


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