Music Out of a Hat
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Music Out of a Hat

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By Geoff Lorenz and Janet Vogt.7 card games for classroom fun!These educational games are designed for just a few players, the whole classroom and everything in-between.Includes Game Guide, 7 Games, and a felt stovepipe hat used to hold the various game cards. The Game Guide has easy-to-use instructions, identification of the National Standards used and additional Musical Extras for each game.For grades 4-6.,GAMES: 1. Double-Duty Rhythms - rhythmic duets (on grand staff) - needs an understanding of 4/4 and 3/4 time, eighth notes, quarter notes and rests, dotted quarter notes, half notes and rests, dotted half notes, whole notes and rests.2. I Spy a Tie - music symbols search - needs a review of all the notes for game #1 and grand staff, clefs, slurs, ties, time signatures, dynamic and tempo markings, accents, grace notes and triplets.3. Grab Bag Rhythms - counting and clapping rhythm patterns - needs an understanding like in game #1.4. Who Am I? - naming famous composers (from Bach to John Lennon)5. Rhythm Wrap-Ups - note and rest values - needs an understanding like in game #1.6. Melody Match-Ups - note name recognition - needs an understanding of treble clef notes (all lines and spaces), bass clef notes (all lines and spaces), and beginning ledger line notes for both clefs. 7. Rhythm Railroad - building a "train" of rhythm patterns - needs an understanding like in game #1.,


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