Music Symbols Cards
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Music Symbols Cards

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By T.P. Music Aids. 28 music symbol flash cards, printed on 6" x 6" heavy-duty cardstock. Each card shows a symbol on one side and the name of that symbol on the other side. Includes several suggestions for activities to extend the use beyond that of flash cards.Symbols covered: final bar line, staccato, tied notes, 16th note & 16th rest, 8th note & 8th rest, quarter note & quarter rest, half note & half rest, whole note & whole rest, crescendo, decrescendo, time signature, cut time, common time, D.S. sign, coda, double bar line, fermata, accents, repeat, natural, sharp, flat, grand staff, treble clef, bass clef, measure, 5-line staff, bar line.


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AuthorT.P. Music Aids
PublisherJeffers Handbell Supply


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