Rhythm Basketball
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Rhythm Basketball

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Rhythm Basketball By Cathy Blair Game and PowerPoint CD Grades 3 - 6; The fast-paced game of basketball meets rhythm in this creative, cooperative activity that reinforces steady beat and sight reading. Featuring jump balls, free throws, three-pointers, steals, fouls, and an optional shot clock, a game of Rhythm Basketball will have students reading and performing rhythms, and listening to and transcribing them., Patterns are provided in 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 meters and contain these note and rest values:half note, dotted quarter note, quarter note, eighth note, 2 eighth notes, triplet eighth notes, four sixteenth notes, half rest, dotted quarter rest, quarter rest, and eighth rest. The Power Flashcards also include patterns with eighth-note syncopation.Perfect to review or assess your students' knowledge of steady beat and rhythm while helping to build a solid music foundation.The game includes 64 rhythm-pattern flashcards on brightly-colored cardstock and a mixed media CD. The CD includes a PowerPoint presentation featuring more than 150 rhythm patterns that's ready for tip-off anytime.


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AuthorBlair, Cathy
Barcode ISBN9781429100168
PublisherHeritage Music Press


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