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Denise Gagne has created these Rhythm Flashcards for grades K-8. 100 large (4.5" x 11") flash cards sequentially presented for students in grades K to 8. (Cards come printed two on a page; simply cut in half to use.) Cards are printed on sturdy card stock, color-coded and numbered for reference to specific songs. 8 of the cards feature stick notation (Kodaly). Many games and activities are included.  

Cards 1-8: Stick notation, 4-beat patterns, quarter note, two eighth notes, quarter rest.
Cards 9-20: Regular notation, uses same notes as Cards 1-8.
Cards 21-40: 8-beat patterns; adds ties, half note, whole note, half rest, whole rest.
Cards 41-60: 4-beat patterns; adds 4-sixteenth notes, eighth note with 2-sixteenth notes, single eighth notes.
Cards 61-80: 4-beat patterns; adds syncopation, eighth rest, dotted quarter note, dotted half note.
Cards 81-100: Adds time signatures 3/4 and 6/8, eighth note triplets, dotted eighth note.

Activities suggested: Disappearing Flash Cards, Which Card Did I Clap, The Price Is Right, Rhythm Dictation, Rhythm Bingo, Ostinatos, Rhythm Canons, Clap and Pat, Flash Card Turnover, Turnover Mixup, Upside-down Cards, Name That Tune, Play Along, What Pattern Did We Clap, Steal the Bacon.  
Also use cards to teach and practice new rhythms, or use for assessment.


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AuthorGagné, Denise
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