Rhythm Rally Level 1
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Rhythm Rally Level 1

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By Cathy Blair. Six fun and fast-paced rhythm games in one!Twenty essential quarter note and eighth note (and rests) rhythm patterns are covered in this collection of collaborative learning games. All games are aligned with the National Standards. The games will help your students identify, perform, and improvise rhythm patterns drawn from a variety of musical styles. The included CD has music in a variety of contemporary styles and uses metronome markings from quarter note=96 to quarter note=128; each CD track begins with a 4-measure introduction. CD tracks 1-4 present each 1-measure rhythm pattern 3 times, followed by 2 measures of rest. CD tracks 5-8 also repeat each rhythm 3 times, but without the extra 2 measures of rests between each new rhythm. Tracks 9-11 do not have pre-recorded rhythms. These tracks are designed for presenting 1-measure rhythm patterns (either reading from the Performer card or improvising) using singing, clapping, or non-pitched percussion instruments. Tracks 12-13 can be used in the same way as 9-11, and they also work with pitched percussion. Ideas are also given for ways to use the CD when students have become familiar with the original 6 games. ,For grades 3 to 5. ,CONTENTS: Instructions for 6 games, Rhythm Key card, Rhythm Sequence Chart card, 2 double-sided Performer cards, 30 Rhythm Rally player cards (each with 6 rhythms), 2 reproducible black & white paper awards, and a listening CD. Cards are printed on 8-1/2" x 11" cardstock. ,GAMES:Game 1 is similar to a bingo game and uses CD tracks 1-8.Game 2 is a similar variation, with students echoing the rhythm patterns from the CD by clapping or using rhythm instruments. Students then identify the rhythm and mark it with a token (not supplied) on their game card if it is there.Game 3 has a student be the "rhythm giver" using a Performance card; other students participate like a bingo game. CD tracks 9-11 are used.Game 4 is a similar variation, with the leader improvising his/her own rhythm patterns using quarter and eighth notes.Game 5 uses CD tracks 12 -13 and is a bingo-style game similar to Game 2, but uses a melody instrument (instead of clapping or unpitched percussion).


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AuthorBlair, Cathy
PublisherHeritage Music Press


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