Pitch Exploration Pathways
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Pitch Exploration Pathways

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Pitch Exploration Pathways from the First Steps in Music Series by John Feierabend includes eleven oversized cards, each measuring 11" x 17", printed in vibrant colors on cardstock. Each card has a fun illustration with a movement line - such as a roller coaster car that has gone up and down several times. These drawings provide inspiration for children to make sliding sounds that explore the vocal muscles used to sing in the upper register or "head voice." The teacher or group leader is encouraged to begin with descending sliding sounds and add ascending sliding sounds after the right muscles are engaged. Just as an athlete warms up certain muscle groups before exercising, singers should "warm up" the head voice muscles with activities such as these before singing. Just as aerobics improve physical conditioning, one's vocal ability will improve if these pathways are frequently used. A sheet of teaching techniques is included.

For early childhood

Pictures Included: Deflating Balloon; Skier; Falling Leaf; Inchworm; Snail; Kangaroo; Roller Coaster Car; Butterfly; Dragonfly; Hot Air Balloon; Paper Airplane


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AuthorFeierabend, John M.
Barcode ISBN9781579993726
PublisherGIA Publications
SeriesFirst Steps in Music


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