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Music Therapy at the End of Life
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Music Therapy at the End of Life

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Music Therapy at the End of Life
by Cheryl Dileo, PhD, MT-BC and Joanne Loewy, DA, MT-BC
340 pages. Soft coverPatients and their families coping with life threatning illnesses experience compelling needs in multiple domains, including the physical and instrumental, psychosocial, spiritual and economic.  Historically, these needs have been poorly addressed by a complex health care system focused on a curative model of care.  In many countries of the developed world, alternative models have evolved in an effort to provide holistic and comprehensive care that is not intended to treat the disease or its complications primarily, but rather, to relieve suffering for patients and their families, particularly at the end of life. Collectively known as "palliative care", numerous alternative models have evolved around the world and have, to greater or lesser extent, attempted integration into health care systems.
Table of Contents
Part 1: Prelude
     Russel Portenoy
Preface: Preparing for the Passage
     Joanne V. Loewy
Introduction: State of the Art
     Cheryl Dileo & Dawn Dneaster
Part II: Clinical Issues and Specialized Populations
1.  Music Therapy: Enhancing Spirituality at the End if Life
     Lucanne Magill
2.  Enhancing Quality of Life for People Diagnosed with a Terminal Illness
     Russell E. Hilliard
3.  Interfacing Music Therapy with Older Arts Modalities to Address Anticipatory Grief and Bereavement in Pediatrics
     John Mondanaro
4.  Music Therapy to Enhance Coping in Terminally Ill Adult Cancer Patients
     Suzanne B. Hanser
5.  Final Moments: The Use of Song in Relationship Completion
     Cheryl Dileo & Courtney Parker
6.  Developing Pain Management Approaches in Music Therapy with Hospitalized Children
     Jane Edwards
7.  In-Between: Music Therapy with Patients Awaiting a Heart Transplant
     Cheryl Dileo & Michael Zanders
8.  Music Therapy Approaches for Patients with Dimentia at End of Life
     Lauren Patrick & Kathleen Avins
9.  Cultural Issues in Music Therapy at End of Life
     Cheryl Dileo & Rima Starr
10.  Lift Thine Eyes: Music Used as a Transitional Element in Passage
     Joanne V. Loewry, Terry Altilio, & Margaret Dietrich
Part III: Music Therapy Methods
11.  'Love.......Actually:' Attempting to Articulate the Heart of Hospice
     Nigel Hartley
12.  Song Writing in Threatened Lives
     Clare O'Callaghan
13.  The Use of Therapist-Composed Song in End of Life
     Robert E. Kraut
14.  The Use of Lullabies as A Transient Motif in Ending Life
     Joanne V. Loewy & Andrew Stewart
15.  Living in Music
     Colin Andrew Lee
16.  Music Imaging for Persons at the End of Life
      Brian Abrams & Roseann Kasayka
17.  "Dying Alive" - A Transpersonal, Analytical Music Therapy Approach for Adults with Chronic, Progressive Neurological
     Benedikte Barth Scheiby    
18.  Devotional Music Therapy: Contemplative Vocal Music and Passage
     Silvia Nakkach
19.  The Clinical Use of Therapist's Voice and Improvisation in End of Life Care
     Nadine Elizabeth Cadesky
20.  Music Meditation in the ICU
     Mechelle Chestnut, Michelle Duncan, Sarah Gagnon & Brian Schreck
21.  Environmental Music Therapy, Life, Death and the ICU
     Steve Schneider
Part IV: Professional Issues
22.  Outward Bound: Advancing Music Therapy in Palliative Care
     Bridget Hogan
23.  The Role of Music Therapy in Care for the Caregivers of the Terminally Ill
     Kristin Stewart, Rabbi Jeffery Silberman, Joanne Loewy, Steve Schneider, Benedikte Scheiby, Amy Bobo,
     Suzannah Scott-Moncrieff, Barbara Beckford, & Deborah Salmon
24.  Ultimate Journeys: Clinical Internship in End of Life Care
     Deborah Salmon
25.  Advanced Music Training in End of Life Care
     Cheryla Dileo & Joanne Loewy
Part V: Postlude
Moments in Time    
     Susan Porchet Munro
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