MusicWorx Toolbox: Working in Neurologic Rehabilitation Settings
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MusicWorx Toolbox: Working in Neurologic Rehabilitation Settings

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MusicWorx Toolbox Group Music Therapy Interventions: Working in Neurologic Rehabilitation By Rebecca Vaudreuil, EdM, MT-BC 146 pages
The MusicWorx Toolbox course Group Music Therapy Interventions Working in Neurologic Rehabilitation is ideal for working in a neurologic rehabilitation setting. But the ideas are adaptable to fit almost any population, helping clients achieve cognitive, sensorimotor, speech and language, social, and emotional goals. These intervention ideas are thorough enough that music therapists may replicate them exactly to create successful therapeutic sessions. But they also may incorporate any therapist's unique artistic interpretation. Expand on each session intervention to create up to one hour of equivalent topic therapeutic musical exercises. Or, use two or more interventions interchangeably to create a multi-dynamic session that can accommodate hours of exceptional music therapy interventions!
The toolbox includes:

Foreward from a client with traumatic brian injury
Information on music and neurologic rhabilitation
Five diverse sections containing 20 easy to read session plan formats
Numerous handouts with resource lists, songs, titles, books and CDs
User-friendly CD with all handouts in color for all sessions
Program development resources including regional and national associations, session templates and in-service presentation ideas

Uses for the toolbox:

Working with clients who have neurologic impairments, either in group and/or residential outpatient settings
Use it as a template for other music-centered wellness groups in a neurologic rehabilitation facility
For group session plans which may be easily adapted to meet the needs of your unique clients
The sky is the creative and see how YOU can use and adaptthis resource for your own music therapy needs!

What is "Neurologic Rehabilitation"?
Music and Neurology
Staff Education and Training
Ideas for Collaborative Services
Section1: Active Music Making
     Session Plan 1 - Drumming
     Session Plan 2 - Tone Chimes
     Session Plan 3 - Group Singing
     Session Plan 4 - Kalimba Magic
Section 2: Songwriting/Lyric Analysis
     Session Plan 5 - Group Songwriting
     Session Plan 6 - Individualized Songwriting Withing the Group Dynamic
     Session Plan 7 - Exploring Expression of Neurologic Rehabilitation if T.B.I.
     Session Plan 8 - The Blues
Section 3 - Relaxation to Music
     Session Plan 9 - Toning Through the Elements
     Session Plan 10 - Sounds of Our Surroundings
     Session Plan 11 - Music Making for Relaxation
     Session Plan 12 - Reflecting Through Life Stages
Section 4: Music And Movement
    Session Plan 13 - A Hawaiian Hula Hukilau
     Session Plan 14 - A Myriad of Music and Movement
     Session Plan 15 - Boomwhacker Bliss
     Session Plan 16 - Beamz Away!
Section 5: Special Topics
     Session Plan 17 - Beatles Manina
     Session Plan 18 - Creative Arts to Music
     Session Plan 19 - Neurologic Music Therapy Session
     Session Plan 20 - Exploring Our Planet Through World Music
Testimonials From Treatment Team Members
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AuthorReuer, Barbara
PublisherMusicWorx, Incorporated


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