A classroom full of xylophones or glockenspiels is not complete without Orff bass, contrabass and sub-contrabass bars. Housed on top of resonator boxes made from fine wood grain, these instruments from Sonor and Studio 49 provide a harmonic and rhythmic foundation to beginning music education. The bars, constructed from fiberglass or wood, have a resonating power and distinct tone that will enhance any Orff ensemble. Find the right bass bars for your classroom today, or buy a set!

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    The bass, deep bass and contrabass bars may be used individually or in combination with a bass xylophone or a bass metallophone to enhance the fundamental tones of your Orff ensemble. Each bar has an extraordinarily full and colorful sound. Pitches range from C two octaves below middle C on the piano, to the A above middle C.

    These bar with individual resonator boxes, are also outstanding for Music Therapy with deaf or hard of hearing students because the vestigial hearing may be stimulated by the tone and contact vibrations transmitted which the deaf may perceive.

    West Music is proud to offer Orff bass, contrabass, and sub-contrabass bars from top brands like Sonor and Studio 49, at prices that work with your budget. Purchase a full set with mallets included or buy individual bars with mallets sold separately. No matter what you choose, each of these instruments provides a wonderful foundation of music education for students of all ages!