Orff Replacement Parts

Orff instruments can last for many years, but any well-used musical equipment will eventually suffer from normal wear and tear. Often, the right replacement parts can add years of use to a fine quality instrument. West Music makes it easy to upgrade and maintain glockenspiels, metallophones or xylophones. With rubber tubing for soprano/alto instruments and a variety of nail and pin sets, your students will be playing again - and sounding better than ever - in no time at all.

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    Even the highest quality instruments can suffer from the wear and tear of constant use, so make sure you have the right Orff replacement parts and equipment to reduce the down time during repairs. Whether you’ve lost a pin for your glockenspiel, worn out the tubing on your xylophone’s resonator box, knocked off one of the feet that keep your instrument stable, or broken a support bar on your metallophone, West Music carries the proper pieces to replace the damaged parts. You can even choose to upgrade the stock parts provided with Orff instrument to give them a better quality sound.

    With offerings from well-known brands including Sonor and Studio 49, the replacement parts and equipment for your Orff instruments can add years to its life. Plus, with our affordable pricing, staying within your budget is easy.