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Resonator bells are great for a childhood music education classroom because they're light and portable, and can be used to effectively teach music theory to young kids. In fact, some of the resonator bells and chime bars in our collection feature printed notation, which encourages music reading by enabling student to visually connect the written symbols they're seeing with the sounds being played. Browse our sets and add-ons for the right Orff instruments for your students.

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Basic Beat BBR8 8-Note Resonator Bells w/ Case
Item No. 200240 In Stock
Basic Beat 3-5 3 Years+
$67.95 $33.95
Basic Beat BBRCB8 Resonator Chime Bars
Item No. 202214 In Stock
Basic Beat 3-5 3 Years+
$146.95 $89.99
Basic Beat BBA25 25-Note Resonator Bells with Case
Item No. 200239 In Stock
Basic Beat 3-5 3 Years+
$324.95 $190.99
Sonor KS 40 L1 BW Boomwhackers Soprano Chime Bar Set, 15pc
Item No. 204763 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Sonor 4 Years+
Basic Beat BBRM05 7" Rubber Bell Mallets
Item No. 264833 In Stock
Basic Beat
$9.99 $3.99
Sonor Meisterklasse KS 40 L 15 Tenor-Alto Chime Bar Set, 15pc w/Ring Sing Sing Book
Item No. 203941 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Sonor Meisterklasse KS 30 L 1 Alloy Soprano Chime Bar Set, 19pc
Item No. 201175 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$615.00 $492.00
$250.00 $200.00

    Help young students learn the basics of music theory with the various sets of Orff resonator bells available at West Music. Enhance their understanding of music by engaging them both physically and mentally with the multiple styles of bells and chimes. Improve young learners’ music reading skills with chime bars that have the notes printed directly on them, or expand their range with bass tone add-ons for when they advance to the next level. Discover resonator bells that combine different ranges like tenor and alto in separate sets, or extended versions of a single range. Suitable for students over three years old, many of these bells and chimes feature bright colors to help young musicians further differentiate between notes, plus lightweight carrying cases and included mallets to make your life easier.

    We’re proud to provide teachers and educators the best value with our affordable selection of Orff resonator bells. From respected brands including Sonor and Basic Beat, these sets can stand up to the wear and tear of classroom or music therapy use.

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