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Orff Xylophones


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Part of the Orff family of musical instruments, the xylophone is easy to play for musicians of all ages and abilities. So it’s no surprise that you’ll often find xylophones in music classrooms and in bands, symphonies, and Orff ensembles. Each instrument features bars that are easy to remove and replace so students can learn music as well as the mechanics of the instrument.

The xylophone consists of one to four octaves of tuned bars arranged like piano keys. Made from wood, steel, or fiberglass, each instrument is tuned to one of four music scales: diatonic, chromatic, pentatonic, or heptatonic. Featuring one to two octaves, classroom xylophones are smaller than concert xylophones.

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Sonor Palisono GBKX 100 Bass Xylophone
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Sonor Primary AXP 1-1 Alto Xylophone
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Sonor Primary GBXP 1-1 Bass Xylophone
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Sonor Primary SXP 1-1 Soprano Xylophone
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    Orff is short for Orff-Schulwerk, which is a popular method of teaching music created by Carl Orff during the 1920s. It’s based on the principle that people should learn and discover music in a natural, playful way. This approach dovetails well with the xylophone, as it teaches music, movement, singing, and speech simultaneously.

    West Music’s xylophone collection includes a full range of instruments from Sonor, Studio 49, Basic Beat, and more. We also offer one of the largest selections of Orff-Schulwerk curriculum, music, and books, as well as Orff stands, carts, mallets, replacement parts, and storage solutions.