West Music brings to you first-class Orff xylophones from Sonor and Studio 49, empowering budding musicians to create charming songs. Made from wood or fiberglass, these classroom instruments are specifically designed to assist children to develop their musical capabilities. So, whether you're a teacher, parent or professional, review the soprano, alto and bass xylophones that we have for sale.

Orff xylophones for sale!

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Sonor Palisono TAKX 200 Tenor-Alto Xylophone Chromatic Add-On
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    Xylophones are treasured for the beautiful music they produce, as well as the ease with which one can play them. Teachers, therapists and parents have been turning to Orff xylophones for years, due to the ability to effortlessly add and remove notes, as well the minimal muscle and dexterity required to create sweet melodies. Sold in stand-alone models or table-top sizes, the unique bass and alto xylophones are perfect for music class, marching band performances and concerts. What’s more, brands like Sonor and Studio 49 fashion the instruments using attractive woods like pine and rosewood, and take extra measures to reinforce their longevity. Peruse the reasonably priced Orff xylophones of West Music to find the right instrument for your children today!