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ProMark H-RODS Hot Rod Bundle Sticks


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Alt. Part # H-RODS
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The ProMark H-RODS Hot Rods are probably the most popular bundle sticks in the world.  I first picked some up during high school when I was looking for something new to add to my stick bag.  These bundle sticks allow you to play at an extremely low volume without losing the articulation and feel of a solid wood drumstick.  These are essential for jazz drummers and anybody who finds themselves in low volume situations where small drumsticks are still too loud.  Also makes an excellent practice stick!  -Alex

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When sticks are too loud and brushes are too soft Hot Rods are the perfect balance. The original Hot Rods are made of Minnesota birch, these Hot Rods have a lively, natural rebound. Each rod consists of multiple mini-dowels bound tightly together.
Brand Name Promark
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