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The recorder has been an essential tool for musical instruction for many years, and our recorder packages provide everything you need to bring recorders into your classroom! With fun games and resources that teach more than just playing techniques, these packages include the instrument as well as an instruction book, and many come with a CD of accompaniments.

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Yamaha 20 Series YRS-24B Soprano Recorder with Recorder Express Book
Item No. 400213 In Stock
Yamaha Almeida, Artie
$15.98 $10.06
$15.98 $10.06
Harmony by West Music WM2400 Soprano Recorder with My Recorder Book
Item No. 400276 In Stock
Harmony Feldstein, Sandy
$8.94 $6.05
$14.99 $9.12
$9.99 $7.30
$15.98 $10.06
Yamaha 20 Series YRS-24B Soprano Recorder with My Recorder Book
Item No. 400300 In Stock
Yamaha Feldstein, Sandy
$13.94 $8.12
$10.98 $8.00
$15.98 $10.06
    Students of all ages love the recorder, and with the packages from West Music you can provide young learners with even more tools to improve their skills. Find a variety of recorder styles and colors from green and purple two-piece instruments to the classic black and ivory one-piece or three-piece recorders. Each package comes with one instrument, with some including both a soprano and alto recorder, and then a variety of other tools to assist students in their learning.

    Whether it’s instruction books, audio CDs, or a combination of both, these packages are a great option for teachers who need instruments and learning aids for each student. By including multiple products in these bundle recorder packages, you save money no matter the size of your class. With well-known names like Harmony, Hohner, Angel, Yamaha, and even our own in-house brand, West Music offers you great quality products at a great value.

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