Aulos A204AF Soprano Recorder, Adaptive Model
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Aulos A204AF Soprano Recorder, Adaptive Model

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Aulos recorders were launched into the Japanese market in 1955. Since that time, Aulos has expanded to become a teacher-favorite in over 50 counties worldwide. The Aulos philosophy is that quality matters. Getting off on the right foot can sometimes mean the difference between a child enjoying and excelling or being frustrated and thus uninterested.

Aulos Adaptive A204AF Soprano Recorder

The Aulos Adaptive A204AF Soprano Recorder is designed for players with a disability in their hands and/or fingers. Any combination of six usable digits (including a thumb) can play an entire chromatic scale from C to A. By rotating and plugging certain holes, the sections can then be glued together into a permanent position for the student. This adaptive recorder can accommodate many fingering options to give the player an instrument that looks and sounds just like a standard recorder.

Please note that if the glue dries out before the recorder is glued in place, or extra glue is needed, DO NOT use Superglue. The adhesive that comes with this recorder is most similar to model airplane glue.

Aulos Adaptive Soprano Recorder Fingering Chart and Instructions

Accessories Included

  • Leatherette carrying bag
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Cleaning rod
  • Joint grease
  • Glue
  • Rubber plugs
  • Fingering chart

Key: C
Fingering: English
Register: c2 - a3
Number of Pieces: 8 (Head and foot plus 6 body pieces)
Length: 32.4cm or 12.75"
Material: ABS resin
Color: Dark brown with ivory trim


More Information
Model NumberA204AF
SeriesAdaptive Series

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