Start a home music studio with one of our elite computer recording devices. West Music has the MIDI audio interfaces, microphones, headsets and bundles to get you started or build upon your set of equipment. So start capturing your musical creations to enjoy at a later date, share with friends and family or gain the exposure you desire, and browse our computer recording equipment now.

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Korg GECIII Group Education Controller
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$2,748.75 $2,199.99

    For music instructors or educators, recording hardware is an invaluable resource. It allows you to capture your students’ work to provide them with feedback and aid their improvement, and you can keep it to assess it later. As a student or musician, audio and video recording is a must have. You can record those moments of inspiration whenever they arise, keeping a copy of your ideas to aid your memory as you work on a song. Handheld recorder or digital audio players will also capture your playing, enabling you to listen to it again while giving constructive criticism.

    With playback, you have an unlimited amount of opportunities to improve as an artist. Jam along with previous recording, practice improvisation, or create solos. At West Music, well video capture hardware that ranks as the some of industry’s go-to devices for playback and studio quality sound. Many of our products have other features, including overdubbing and onboard tuners. They are all portable and practical so you can take them to all of your sessions, and are available to suit different budgets. For the instructor or player, these handheld recorders are an invaluable investment.

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