No recording studio is complete without a high quality studio mixer. A mixer can make all the difference when laying down a track at home or in the studio. West Music's selection of digital audio mixers also offers devices that can join you on-stage. Your live sound has never sounded more crisp or concise as it will with a mixer from trusted industry leaders, like PreSonus. With loads of recording channels, simple user interface designs, production tools and digital converters, the control is at your fingertips every step of the way.

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    From home studios to professional setups, none are complete without the addition of a mixer. West Music carries an assortment of mixing consoles from compact versions suitable for small adjustments, to larger scale options worthy of serious recording for musicians, film, and other high-quality audio needs. Many of these options are also suitable for use during live performances to ensure duets and dual microphones sound unified through the speakers, thanks to durable construction and easy to use designs and interfaces. Discover multiple-channel consoles with features including high quality preamps, XLR inputs, phantom power, balanced outputs, and various effects and adaptors, so you can create the exact sound you need or experiment for a totally new feel.

    West Music carries mixers from top brands including Yamaha, Peavey, Presonus, Samson, and Skb, and we strive to offer them at prices that work with your budget.

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