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Looking for materials for your new virtual classroom? Working with your own children as they learn at home? West Music is here to help!

Jessica Palmer, West Music Education Consultant for Books and Music, suggests books to keep students engaged and actively learning, no matter where they are, and gives you learning at home suggestions here.

We’ll be featuring new titles weekly to help you with your list, so check back often.

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Reading Rainbow 14 DVD Collection
Item No. 853570 In Stock
$419.30 $389.95
Had a Little Rooster
Item No. 869419 In Stock
3-5 6-8 5 Years+ Feierabend, John
Solfege Dots Magnets, Color, Set of 13
Item No. 530670 In Stock
Spirit Specialties
Mindful Kids
Item No. 866861 In Stock
Stewart, Whitney Braun, Mina
Magnetic Solfege Hand Signs
Item No. 530609 In Stock
Spirit Specialties
Heartbeats Magnets
Item No. 530607 In Stock
Spirit Specialties
Stick Notation Rhythm Block Magnets Set 1
Item No. 530668 In Stock
Spirit Specialties
Kitty Alone
Item No. 867265 In Stock
Feierabend, John
Over in the Meadow (Feierabend)
Item No. 861252 In Stock
Feierabend, John

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