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Rhythm Rescue! Musical Activities to Expand Rhythmic Vocabulary By Lynn M. BrinckmeyerBook 54 pages Grades 4 - 12 Singers can find it a challenge to be able to see and immediately reproduce a correct rhythm. These exercises and suggestions are designed to expand the rhythmic vocabulary of singers. Many of the exercises incorporate a physical gesture to aid learning. There are two different sections in the book: Isolated Rhythm Activities and Rhythms with Pitch or Text. The second section contains many traditional folk song melodies. All teaching strategies support required curriculum and state and national music standards in different settings. Most of the activiites can be used with differrent songs in the book. They can also be tranferred to barred and non-pitched percussion instruments and the peformance literature of the choir.
Permission is given to reproduce the designated reproducible pages. Contents:Purpose of this bookIsolated Rhythm Activities Make a Sound - Make a Rhythm Rhythm Round the Circle Rests - Rests - Rests! Partners in Common Time Partners in 6/8 Meter Paper Plate Assesment Guessing Game Pulsing Notes Rhythm Drills 16th Notes Deconstructed Which Way Are We Going? Passing Rhythms Round the Circle Is It Three or Is It Four? Figure It Out! Rhythms with Pitch or Text Circles, Circles, Circles, Rhythm Done Right Circles and More Duple or Triple? Guess That Song Rhythm Treasure Hunt Change It Up! Tis the Rhythm to Be Simple Playin' Rhythms in the Paw Paw Patch Rhythms Rearranged Change the Beat I Have Rhythm I Like Rhythm! Make a Rhythm, Make It Now Secret Word, Secret Rhythm London Bridge Mix-Up


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AuthorBrinckmeyer, Lynn M.
Barcode ISBN9781495077746
PublisherShawnee Press


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